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  1. I'm confused by every part of your question. Candida is pretty normal and usually wouldn't cause any harm. If you have an overgrowth you have basically a fungal infection and you need to get some medicine from your doctor cuz that craps not cool. Good luck to you.
  2. It's different for everyone but there's a whole forum dedicated to this topic. You should probably check it out. Good luck!
  3. Yeah not really. I think there are, of course, some things that cannot be avoided and most of them are horrible. But I don't like 'fate'..it has such a bad stigma. I think there's definitely a 'meant to be' and I hope you find yours.
  4. Dear Acne, I know I'm pretty awesome, and you're pretty awesome too.. I just don't think we're good together. We want different things out of life. And to be honest, you're a bit clingy. I really hope you find someone who's right for you. Perhaps in a nearby prison. This just isn't working for me. I guess what I'm trying to say is: I'm just not that into you. Sincerely, Me PS-I've filed for an order of protection.
  5. I've been there! I switched my makeup and threw out my primer and it's perfect now. Now I just moisturize before applying makeup and use more moisture on my dry spots. Nothing wrong with extra moisturizer!
  6. I think for the most part children are just curious. While babysitting today I was asked "why" about 14 times. They're just learning. And probably concerned if they think zits are booboos. Ya know how kids are always comparing ouchies. You could always throw a curveball at them. Tell them you didn't clean your room when your mom told you to or something.
  7. There's always that awkward moment when people ask me how old I am and I have to really think about it. And occasionally the awkward moment when I say the wrong age and correct myself after a bit of thought and the other person just looks at me. I wonder if they think I'm lying about my age or if I'm slow.
  8. Hello there omg-can I call you omg?- I'm a survivor of cystic acne myself so I can say with absolute certainty, I know exactly how you feel and I'm terribly sorry you have to suffer through it. Unfortunately, as well all know, there is no cure for us. There will be a million different things we could all suggest to you and some of them may help and some of them will just crush your spirit when they fail. And none of us have enough time in our lives to try everything. I'm glad you've had some s
  9. I've been known to rock the occasional band-aid and I've never had a consequent breakout. I prefer children's band-aids which are considerably less adhesive though I don't know how much of a difference that would make besides the obvious less painful removal.
  10. You could be a dj at a radio station! (Just listened to you on the voice thread lol) I never really thought about it before but that's an interesting concept.
  11. Moisturizer + primer + everyday minerals = no flakes or makeup induced breakouts for me. I wash my brushes as soon as I'm done using them so they have all day to dry and be ready for me the next morning.