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  1. hello! so glad you decided to join!!! thats been my main goal! not looking in the mirror! and i have some tips if youd like! in my bathroom while im washing my face i just look down the whole time. also, i made an imaginary line on the bathroom floor that my toes cant cross! that way im not pressed up against the mirror staring at every blemish!! in my room i took a dry erase marker and wrote on my mirror! "BACK UP!" "ARMS LENGTH!" its weird how ill go to look at a pimple and read those notes an
  2. I'm dealing with the very same problem! I recently bought a tinted moisturizer from sephora called Laura Mercier it's amazing! It gives me the moisture I need from my dry skin while providing enough coverage to even out my skin tone. Also, instead of using a makeup brush or sponge, I squeeze a dime size amount into my palm, rub my hands together and sort of "pat" it on my face. Works wonderfully! I will then take a small brush and apply to any problem areas I have. Just patting though, don't wan
  3. hello!! yes im still going strong its okay to lapse a time or two- ive started at "day one" at least four or five times already. lol but you have to learn some way! its amazing to see the life span of a pimple. haha sounds weird but i have NEVER let one heal on its own! i ALWAYS try to get it and make it worse then left with a mark that takes about 2 weeks to heal. but now i think ill FINALLY not pick at my face, after seeing how fast it clears when i dont. what are your plans for thanksgiving?
  4. ya i guess so, well i use proactiv so i feel like that bleaches my skin a little but i had that mark since april and i finally bought the dark spot corrector in august and it helped big time! like a said, i noticed results within the first two weeks. now you cant see anything!
  5. ugggg thats a toughie.. those little guys can be a pain in the ass. i guess the main thing is just know when to walk away. if you try to pop it and dont feel like you got it all dont continue to squeeze and make it worse. walk away and wait. im the most impatient person ever so if i feel like theres a pimple that needs squeezing i go for it. and i always end up effing up my face :/ so be careful!
  6. i had a huge red mark on my cheek for months so i bought the proactiv dark spot corrector and it was gone within two weeks! its a miracle product. it did slowly fade tho but enough for me to notice!
  7. hey!!! good for you!! im proud of you!! i am doing well too... end of day four.. i can also see a big change in my skin.. i had a mark that i picked at last week and i would normally continue to pick at the scab and prolong the healing process but since ive left it alone its healed! i exfoilated today and the scab just washed right off! i was so happy still no active blemishes *knock on wood* so nothing to pick at! maybe this weekend ill get the courage to go out and do something. im glad your
  8. im not a guy but im going to answer anyways lol. but first let me just say that your absolutely breathtaking!!! personally i dont judge people by their skin either. i have a few friends that are battling acne as well and it doesnt change anyones opinion about them. i always think to myself how courageous they are because the second i start breaking out i find myself being a recluse and canceling plans. we always think our face is 100x worse than what it really is. and you have no reason to be as
  9. Well, we can't have you going it alone can we! I was originally just going to reply with a bit of encouragement yesterday but then I thought, 'What the heck, I'm only just behind so I might as well give it a shot!' Makes perfect sense really because I know it's what I need to do. I mean, my regimen is good, the antibiotics I'm taking are doing a good job, things usually heal fast and I know that it wants to get clear. The only thing stopping it is me, my feelings about it and the resulting pick
  10. yayyy im happy i have a buddy to do this with!! we can do it!! how are you feeling? better i hope! keep me updated on your progress!! good luck p.s. i love the "pickapalooza" haha!
  11. ummm ya i pretty much suck.. lol its sooo hard. but today is the end of day one (i think for the third or fourth time lol) and i feel pretty confident. mainly because i dont have any active blemishes.. knock on wood i didnt just jinx myself... i just have some small scabs that are healing so if i can be strong and not pick at them then i think i can make it 11 days... thats my new goal! for thanksgiving
  12. i break out right before my period too, definitely the horomones.. i got back on birth control after i had a talk with my doctor. i asked about the weight gain and he said its normal to gain 5-10 lbs in a YEAR span. so i wouldnt worry about it. especially if you work out all the time! just make sure you eat healthy and take care of yourself
  13. day one no picking. thanksgiving is in 15 days and i dont want to see all my family with scabs all over my face. so i can do this!
  14. im so sorry you feel that way have you talked to him about how you feel? yes its an embarrassing subject and often hard to admit but i guarentee you he will tell you what you need to hear. he will remind you that he doesnt care about blemishes or pimples. he likes you for you. and its very nice to be reassured once in a while. i often talk to my boyfriend about my feelings with my acne. he understands because he used to suffer from it as well and he always reminds me how much he loves me and he
  15. i suck. i popped a pimple on my cheek this morning... :/ back to day one