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  1. truestuff


    me the only pics i had because i hated the way i looked . This is how i looked in October of 2011 i made a diet change in October 4, 2011 which is my b day to gluten free then progressed to dairy free and now i am vegan :) but on occasion i do eat vegan processed foods like nut or those canned coconut juice drinks so i still brake out so i have to stop that but those times are like twice a month
  2. will you be posting new pics or does it look the same as your pics from april im also on a vegan diet and ive seen lots of improvement i think ill post pics of my self too
  3. hmmm thank the good ol lord im not allergic to eggs i was on this crazy path to eliminating my acne by only eating sweet potatoes, beans, strawberries,blue berries and 2 types of veggies broccoli and cucumber, but then i noticed my arms and legs would fall as sleep to fast and my body ached more often then ever so i said what the hell, ill add eggs as another source of protein even if i do get acne. I've been eating 3 eggs and the same items i listed above now for 2 month and a half and my face