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  1. HELLO ALL! Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I figured since I have a lower dosage Tretinoin, the results aren't as fast/drastic - So I decided to do weekly posts! How does that sound? Update on my skin: PRO'S: My skin no longer burns an turns tomato red when I apply Retisol-A, at the most it tingles but goes away.. Dead skin is peeling off My skin looks brighter and healthier It's slowly fading away those red marks and making all around smoother surface I don't think I had my initial br
  2. Day 8: Remember that horrible zit I've been complaining about for the past 3 days, well today after I took off my retisol-a (from my morning application) it fell of, FINALLLLY! Today I did some things different, I noticed some minor flaking around my blemishes, so when i washed my face I lathered on some cetaphil cream and used a hot wash cloth and gently circled around my face rubbing it in and rubbing the flakes off. I let my face dry and put on the night prescribed clindoxyl. My face is
  3. Day 7: I woke up in the morning and that huge pimple on my cheek grew and was also more pus-filled (sorry guys - it was def a horror movie!). I applied the Retisol-A and left it all while I baked some cookies. Looked in the mirror after an hour and my face was RED, i've never seen my face so red before. I didn't feel the burn but you could sure see it. My mom even asked me if my face is stinging me. I washed it off after a couple of hours (so I had it on for about 3 hours) - The redness cal
  4. Day 6: I put on the Retisol-A.. I really like the texture of this medicine, it's almost like my Cetaphil Cream. It's also very easy to lather on without causing flaking and irritation, i read on the box - it actually has a moisturizer base! I noticed the small bump I had last night turned into a pretty big pimple. Before going to sleep and washing off all of the Retisol and Makeup that bump turned into a pus-filled pimple (EWWWWW). I HATE THOSE. They're not only difficult to cover, but the
  5. Day 4: I applied the Retisol in the morning and put makeup over. My makeup didn't look as smooth as usual (obviously) but you couldnt really notice anything was on under. If i rubbed my skin the makeup would flake a bit, but no biggie. BUT when I put my clindoxyl Gel at night, HOLY CRAPP did it burn. It was burning so much that I had to wash my face and skip the clindoxyl for the night! Day 5: I see some lightening of the red marks, or maybe thats just the dryness covering over it. You k
  6. But once you get rid of the acne, you can maybe use Retin-a to get rid of the marks since there is no acne underneath (considering accutane got rid of it all ) Honestly, I wish I could be on accutane - I hate to be drug-pro but that shit really works!! LOL
  7. gems2889 How long into Retin-a did you start getting the IB, was it sudden or a week or so into it? Honestly, I went to the doctor in hopes that he would give me accutane, the fact that you have that option is something postive I know accutane doesn't get rid of marks, but it does COMPLETLEY get rid of the pimple that makes that mark. My boyfriend had all of his marks go away with accutane, i hope it does the same for you!
  8. gems2889 WOWW your skin is looking great, I agree with jaimeramone1028.. I think the Retin-A is helping you. Your skin looks so much smoother and even. Very good progress for just 3 months, KEEP IT UP.
  9. Day 3: When I put Clindoxyl gel on last night my face was stinging a bit! Not too much, but I def felt that something was on my face. Normally when I put this cream on I feel like nothing is there, hence I feel like it's not working. But last night I can literally feel it seeping inside my skin. So this morning I woke up RED as a cherry tomato around the areas where I put clindoxyl. I did the usual routine, wash face, wait 20 minutes then put on Retisol-A. This time I put Cetaphil Moisturiz
  10. Hey, I use 0.025% which is 1/4th of your dosage. I haven't had any dryness or flaking but I do see results slowly but steady (without the IB and flaking) - maybe you should half your dosage by asking for 0.05 or even mixing some moisturizer with the RAM
  11. Yeah, I hear a lot about how Mac clogs pores. I never tried their foundation or cream foundation (which looks pretty heavy) – I just use their studio fix foundation powder which is pretty light but has amazing coverage. It hasn’t done anything bad for me. I make sure I use a kabuki brush and clean it once a week minimum – I like it because it literally takes me 10 seconds to put on my makeup and it doesn’t irritate my skin because im just dusting it on. The true match ive been using for 5 ye
  12. Hey I just started the Tretinoin 2 days ago, so I don't have too much to offer. From the blogs I read however it;s best to be patient and I tell myself that as well. Don't be scared to go to the derm, if anything be excited they will help you achieve what you want. I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I was afraid the derm will comment on my acne and scarring and further upset me, but to be honest - he took one quick look at me and just gave me the meds without over-commenting on my skin. You'
  13. Thanks Gem, Good luck to you too - I've been following your blog and it gave me inspiration to make my own as well! Day 2: Welll, I didn't expect anything major to happem - but since I promised to track my progress I'll let you fellow acne warriors know what's happening with my skin. So this morning I had work so I put on makeup over my Retisol (the derm told me its okay to do this.. maybe because its a low dosage). I had to wait 20 minutes before putting on retisol after the shower, an
  14. Day 1: Hey guys! So, I've been having acne for about 9 years, and I am currently 22. I've been on a Clindoxyl Gel regimen for many years and it seemed to work but recently I've been breaking out with these huge cystic pimples that Clindoxyl Gel can't seem to tackle alone. I have red marks everywhere. It's the type of acne that can be perfectly covered with makeup - but with all honestly, no girl wants to worry about powdering themselves up every minute. I've been prescribed Retisol-A, w