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  1. I recently about a month or six weeks back stopped the acne.org regimen and was worried my acne will come back. By the way I have had moderate-severe acne for 10 years. I am 26 now. So finally acne.org cleared it but I was worried to get off the regimen. I did it regularly for 4 months. But now my regimen is just ONE STEP. Here it is: For all those who already know how wonderful turmeric is for skin I have some suggestions to make the process of applying this tedious mask. This has helped so
  2. Hi, For all those who already know how wonderful turmeric is for skin I have some suggestions to make the process of applying this tedious mask. This has helped so much to calm down my skin. I dont tone or moisturize after this. This does it all. I apply this every morning for 5-10 mins and in the evening I use this as a cleanser to gently scrub face. very gently. 1) Wear some gloves to save your fingers and nails from staining. Its that simple! 2) use a sponge to apply, the kind that you use
  3. Hey, I dont know whether this will work for you but you can try this. I dont know how long exactly you have been suffering from acne but I am for about 10 years now, and I do not have like one or two zits that girls complain about. I have a problem! So I went on dan's treatment (only the BP). This is what I did, I used cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser and only dans treatment cream. i did this for 4 months (do not expect things to change quickly and do not switch products). Then I started doing
  4. Damn good stuff man! Okay its like Day 3 of the water only for me. So far so damn good. I haven't got a major pimple since I started this, two whiteheads I think, thats it. My face actually hasn't got that oily. And it feels better when I eat and yawn and stuff. Had to use my shaving cream tonight, but thats the only product I've put on my face in the last 3 days. One Love Hey, I hav tried the only water stuff works great at first but it made my face burst out with acne in a few days. Its a gr
  5. Hey, This is what I did and what really worked for me after 10 years of having severe acne. I went with Dan's regimen first. I used cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser and only dans treatment cream. i did this for 4 months. Now recently I have started doing his regimen only once at night in 2 days. So I am gradually reducing what I am doing. How I did this was I first started using honey (organic raw) as cleanser with his regimen, that I followed twice a day. The after I swithed cleanser I switch
  6. I hope that it does for me and you atleast anyway for now I got rid of 80% of my problem ..I have a post on it clear skin challenge...its nothing I use a homemade soap and coconut oil (extra virgin cold pressed) and 80% of my hormonal acne has calmed down..I left using BP after 12-14 years of its use just 4 months back...
  7. Wow, you're so lucky. I'm glad that you've got married to sucha supportive person. He doesn't seem to be superficial like many other guys. Oh, and one weird thing. I heard that cystic hormonal acne gets better when you get married or have kids ( regular sexual activity, pregnancy). So it's different for everyone? Hey, Yes I guess its different for everyone. I had heard that too before marriage and wished that my moderate acne (not cystic type back then ) would go away. And I started getting te
  8. Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures here. Want to put some improvement pics before and after...
  9. Hey Jake, Trust me you don't need to feel bad about anything. Before getting married I was so worried that my acne is gonna be the worst thing that my husband finds in me. I had very little then. After I got married hormones went bonkers and got hormonal cystic acne. My husband had cystic acne when he was in college...He no longer has even 2% issue that I have.. He used to tell me don't bother they will go away, don't use so may things. One day I told him verbally how it bothers me, hows its on
  10. Day 7 and 8: All my zits have gone down so much but my face is sooo cruel... any type of zit i get i get a bonus scar from it which takes ages to go away...why?? why i ask???
  11. I am starting on loestrin 24fe tomorrow...please tell me how your experience is by far...I hope my acne does not get worse...I have the same scarring problem as you...
  12. Day 6 : One two zits on face are painful...can wash my face regularly...touching does not pain anymore. all zits have gone down..and the redness too...skin is less flaky and more vibrant....Made one more of the same soap I made at home yesterday..It works on the body too..Do not have to apply moisturizer daily...
  13. Day 5: No new pimples till date...only the old ones coming to the surface...skin is flaking and gunk coming out day by day...its painful but not as bad as it was some days back...face is definitely improving...what is most amazing is that i had so many small bumps which you could not see unless under certain lighting or coming very close to me...those have tremendously disappeared..finally see so much improvement in my face after 10-15 years of struggle!! crossing my fingers...I feel that the so
  14. Hey, Great to know you are o accutane..I wish you all the best... To answer your question. No coconut oil does not make my face oily at all. And the best part is that it does not feel like you have a film on your face. let me write down all that I have used till date: Since I have had acne: nivea, ponds, clinique, no moisturizer at all, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, aloe vera gel, olay total 7 effects, himalaya, vaseline aloe, garnier and some more i guess... nothing suited me and my face w
  15. Day 4: I guess it will take me just 5-6 more days to upload before and after pictures.. everything is going pretty well....