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  1. All girls that take this medication HAVE to take a pregnancy test every month before we can get our prescription (you guys get it easy..really haha) Thanks for the encouragement though, I'm glad to know it only gets better from here!
  2. I'm like you, I definitely got tired of being prescribed antibiotics. They would work really well but then after 6 months or so I would become resistant to the medicine, and my acne would come back even worse than before. I'm now on my 3rd month of Accutane and it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be (at least for me). And the best thing with Accutane is after 5 months you're done taking medication and done with acne FOREVER. I would definitely suggest going ahead and starting Accu
  3. Andd so month 3 begins.. I'm getting a little discouraged with Accutane to be honest I went to get blood work done for my two month check up and after getting pricked 3 times in each arm without getting any blood the nurse finally just gave up. The next week when I went in to the dermatologist I got chewed out for not getting my blood work done..Had to miss class the first day of college to rush to the hospital to try and get my blood work done yet again. Finally got some blood out of me and
  4. That's awesome that the medicine is working so quickly for you!! Unfortunately the medicine has been bringing up cysts on my face and they're taking FOREVER to heal. But I've also been using Head and Shoulders to keep from getting dandruff and so far it's worked really well for me! I just read about using an olive oil/honey treatment for your face and scalp that helps with the dryness and itching though. Best of luck!!
  5. katebait

    Day 1

    I know, I was so worried after looking up stories of people having all kinds of crazy side effects, but my dermatologist wasn't worried at all. I'm now into my second month and other than being a little moody sometimes and some minor joint pain in my back, it really isn't that bad at all!! I'm sure you'll do just fine and have clear skin in a couple of months! (fingers crossed)
  6. I made through the first month!!!! I just went to see my doctor and he said that apparently I'm one of the rare cases that starts clearing up in the first month I hope that means I won't have to go the full 5-6 months taking the isotretinoin. Ahh I'm so happy! Side effect wise, they haven't really been too bad. My lips are definitely driving me nuts..I have chapstick stationed in about every room throughout my house haha my nose has been bleeding a little and I've had some pain/aching in m
  7. I've made it to week 3!! I honestly thought that the side effects would be horrible by now and my entire face would be peeling off. Other than a little joint pain and slightly dry skin, lips, and eyes, it really hasn't been that bad. I can definitely tell that the medicine is working though..thank you initial outbreak. Gotta love it. My blackheads are emptying out and I've gotten several small painful cysts on my face. Other than that my face seems to already be clearing up quite a bit! I'm afra
  8. katebait

    Day 1

    I was on Doxycycline for several years and it worked really well at first, but then stopped working completely. Then my dermatologist prescribed me Augmentin which is some serious stuff..after giving me a lower doseage my dermatologist kept upping the doseage every month which was really hard on my stomach
  9. Well, it's finally Day 1 of starting Claravis. I'm so nervous..my dad already has me convinced that I'm going to get some crazy rare disease and die. I'm so ready to be done with acne ONCE AND FOR ALL. I've tried pretty much every single acne product you could ever dream of and nothing worked. Finally after being doped up on antibiotics and getting MRSA I've decided to give Claravis a try. Hopefully the months will fly by and I'll be clean and clear before I know it! I'm still kind of skeptic ri
  10. I'm going to start Accutane in about a month and your blog is really helpful! I'm worried about my face peeling off and itching like crazy so I'll definitely be trying the products that you listed. I'm glad Accutane is working so well for you! Good luck!!