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  1. I have cured my acne in a couple months. I have struggeled with severe acne for about ten years. Accutane was my last resort. Before my seven month period on Accutane, I had been on 6 different antibiotics and dozens of different topical medications.(Tazorac, Retin-A, Differin, Axelex.. etc) Every time I would leave the dermatologist I was so excited (in hope for clear skin) but after so many different prescriptions my acne was still there. I was devistated. I couldn’t keep putting those chemica
  2. I was in exactly the same situation as you and I have cured my skin in about 2 weeks.... This should do the trick!! Go to a vitamin shop and buy Beta-Carotene. -Its a vitamin from carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. and take 3 pills of 25,000 IU (75,000 IU) a day for a couple weeks. this cleared my skin amazingly!! you could also continue for about a month. To absorb this you'll need to take OMEGA 3 and 6 . buy this too, they have pills with the omegas sold together. - I recommend t