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  1. It seems like this forum has a lot of people who view but not many who post. Share your stories everyone! It will make the whole community a better place. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. -M
  2. Hey Lucas, I think the most important part of your regimen is streaming the face. For my routine, after I wash my face with Cetaphil, I always steam the face before applying Acnegen. This method works great for me. -M
  3. Listener, Good post. I have to agree about the fish oil now that you mention it. It does help produce oily skin however I do not filter this out of my daily diet. The advantages of taking fish oil daily are too high. What are you using right now to help control your oily skin? I completely eliminated all wheat from my diet after noticing my skin becoming increasing oily after eating bread/pasta/rice. Hope this helps! -M
  4. I have not tried this myself, but have heard of it. Before I do this I'd rather focus on the Beer Malt approach which worked and continues to work for me when I need it. -M
  5. I like this response. We have acne, we have to learn how to deal with it and live with it. Its okay to have and most people acknowledge it with respect, the people who disrespect you because of your acne should not have a chance to communicate with you in the first place. What are you doing now to control the acne? -M
  6. I also don't think there is a specific "acne diet". I think just eating "healthy", drinking plenty of water, and avoiding wheat will do you just fine. Try not to stress about it as it only makes the acne worse in the long run. Break me off a piece of that kit-kat car -M
  7. Hey I have very oily skin, but I don't use a moisturizer. I feel like they all make my skin even more oily than it already is. Instead, I use Cetaphil and Acnegen to control my acne. My friend told me about this and he always had very oily skin as well (to the point where he could see the oil on his finger when he touched his face). Goodluck! -M
  8. This will be very hard to find. Many companies in the US do not ship internationally. Have you found distributors that would ship to Canada? -M
  9. Are you guys shipping from Canada to Canada? Or from USA to Canada? -M
  10. Try Cetaphil instead. It works much better than any "soap" and I use it before my apply my acne medication. -M
  11. Hey, thats good to know. I use bottles of this stuff in the summer but I'm always to scared to put it on my face. I love their 30+ powderdri. No problem glad to help. I definitely put it on my face without any problems. More specifically I buy the SPF30 of course apply sparingly. -M
  12. I don't think there is a difference between Cetaphyl coming from the UK or the USA. Be sure to only order from trusted vendors because you never know what people mix with medicines! Good luck with your face. -M
  13. Can't you just order it offline or maybe use a source like ebay? -M
  14. I'd give it a few days before giving up. Like any acne solution you should give it a week before cutting it out. If it doesn't work try something else, but give it some time. Plus, I wouldn't want to put something on my face that would make me peel in 2 days, talk about potent stuff! -M
  15. Is it really that bad? Are you sure you just weren't allergic to some of the ingredients? -M
  16. > i second your notion........ who's your dermatologist....trying to find a legit and excellent yet affordable one! Hey, I feel your pain. Don't let acne make you depressed. Believe me I've been there, stressing out over it just makes it worse and worse. To control my acne I use a cleaner and an acne product. Use the cleaner first - Cetaphyl (if you guys have it) and see if it works. The exact one I use the the bar in the blue box. -M
  17. Do you guys have the "Banana Boat" sun screen? That's what I use and my acne does not breakout from it. -M