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  1. Agreed, 100%. Your skin is going to continuously grow and die as long as you live, in the process leaving some behind for your pores to get clogged with. For some reason, the nose seems to be a problem area for a lot of people in terms of black heads. I experience the same thing and the only thing I've found that is effective is mild exfoliation now and again, every 2-4 days, as often or as little as you think is most beneficial. I use those little salicylic acid scrubber pads which you can find
  2. Well, girls, I obviously don't understand this one. Good luck anyways! If I had my bet though, I'd say you're probably both gorgeous and just a little too over-worried. Which is totally natural! A lot of us worry about the way we look, but often in reality, we look just fine to others.
  3. In my experience, it doesn't help that much. I think it is still noticeable but maybe I'm over judging. Perhaps you will have better luck than I in finding the right tone. Finding the right hue of color to as closely as possible match your skin is key to getting right. And the adult acne cream shouldn't matter, I'd say you can still use it. Resourcinol is just an anti-bacterial and light numbing component. Good luck!
  4. I've been researching candida and my goodness sounds like me! I'm on the diet and everything, and so far I'm feeling feely crappy, irratiable, and feverish. But everything out there says that means its working! Thank you so much!!! I never heard of this before I read your forum.
  5. Don't worry, and wow 83 pounds you are skinny! Ten mg's is such a low dose, the side-effects should be minimal. Are you taking that dose twice daily? Good luck!
  6. Do you mean to say you have red marks left over from old pimples? Just need some clarification, the picture's a little fuzzy
  7. Guys, just a thought, sleep is SUPER important to not only your body's overall health, but the immune system, and your skin quality. A healthy immune system is also something that gives us healthy skin. I feel for you if you're staying up late stressing about acne; I know, I've done it before. But if you are staying up late stressing about it night after night, that could be a contributing factor to making your acne worse, or not get better! Browse over this article if you have time and it r
  8. That sounds exactly like me except I have it pretty bad cystic stuff in those areas. I've come to deduce that acne there on the cheeks and jaw-line tend to have something hormonal to do with them, because mine flares up worse when I take steroids, get little sleep, work out excessively, or get too much stress. The "t-zone" which you said is clear for you tends to be the first to get bad if you have really oily skin which, for both of us, seems not to be the case. If I ever figure out the master
  9. I think that often we use our acne as an excuse to why we are unhappy, when in reality it is a matter of choice of how we want to feel about ourselves. That - how we view our self - is always up to us. Let me share with you a direct post that I made on a disconsolate girl's forum a week ago: "On a more serious, and much deeper note, you are more than you're acne! And I mean this will all seriousness. I have less confidence that you or any person for that matter will believe me when I say thi
  10. Honestly, you look fine, man. Maybe browse over some bad cystic acne pictures online to make yourself feel better. Sorry if thats not the answer you were looking for
  11. Haha, good luck. I've never had trouble with public speaking so I don't know what its like personally, but I can offer some of the things that help me stay so calm. Who cares what you look like? Who you are is what matters. There is something about you, an inborn quality that makes you special, that makes you, you. That quality, or qualities, whatever it is should give you some confidence. What you look like isn't everything, its nothing! Who you are is everything.
  12. Yeah thanks guys, I'm not sure where I would get an aloe plant? I would have to keep buying new ones, no? But that's something I'll look into. After using it for a while, it seems like it really does help reduce inflammation but like many of you said its not an adequate moisturizer during the day/doesn't last. I'm going to use it at night to reduce redness and likely use a little less BP at night to avoid any unnecessary dryness. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, of course you can use Duac by itself. Duac is actually a combination cream of antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide. If you run out of Duac, hit up the store for some benzoyl peroxide or consider buying Dan's BP. No one needs oral antibiotic pills to get rid of mild-moderate acne. I actually don't recommend it for the long term, because it can actually end up starting other infections in your body, such as fungal infections like candidiasis. I guess the question is, how bad is your acne? An