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  1. Personally yes I would say it's probably other things contributing. Too much caffeine Too much dairy Too many high gi foods Too much stress trigures my acne To counteract I do the following. Swap coffee for Pukka Mint Green Tea & PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Only have cheese now & then and for sure use an alternative to dairy milk Eat brown grains instead of white (rye bread, brown rice, quinoa, oat cakes, ryvita are probably the best alternatives to the white stuff) & cut o
  2. Have you tried no dairy & low gi foods only? If you really have tried everything maybe accutane is the next option. Although I strongly recommend trying to treat naturally before going onto this strong drug.
  3. Yes it can do. As dry skin may encourage your skin to produce acne causing oil.
  4. Maybe find another natural alternative. PureChimp face cream has worked well for me. But you could try using something like sunflower oil on its own or safflower oil on its own.
  5. This doesn't surprise me. A lot of the junk sold in supermarkets unfortunately cintributes to acne. These companies are massive billion dollar companies. The good news = More a more new business are popping up that sell healthy & convenient foods.
  6. Purechimp super face combo have worked well for me. They are not really medication products, more gentle on the skin meaning no aggravation. But I eat & drink well as well. Can you not get hold of acne.org regime products?
  7. how much green tea do u drink? and as for dairy products what are the main ones u cut out I normally drink the below a day. You could cut out the coffee or replace it with another green tea (I cant drink green tea or mathca on an empty stomach) & need a kick start. 1 cup of coffee in the morning 1 cup of matcha green tea 3-4 cups of regualr green tea I cut out milk (use almond milk instead). Cheese (may have on the odd occasion or special occassions). Butter (I use a dairy free
  8. Yes I agree with other comments, dairy is a big trigger many people. Drinking green tea & matcha green tea has also been great for me.
  9. Dairy is a big no no. I would start of by eating low gi foods (but no dairy). Lots of great books out there and plenty of options eating low gi foods. Also drink green tea & plenty of water. Exercise regularly (do something you enjoy). Use gentle skin care products. If this doesn't help after 1-2 months. You may want to look at cutting gluten out as well.
  10. Yes they are natural and really gentle on your skin. That's surprising. Personally always found natural products work best. Each to their own.
  11. Have you ever tried Purechimp products? Sounds like they could be ideal for your situation.
  12. Great advice. Wearing the right makeup is key as it gives people with acne prone skin a great confidence boost.
  13. Have you tried using a mineral foundation. This could be a better option. Better for acne prone skin & you still get the confidence boost from covering up blemishes. Mineral foundations normal only contain Mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxide & then some color.
  14. Have you tried using gentle skin care products & making changes to your diet & lifestyle? Personally it's the only way I stay clear for the long run. Feel great as well.
  15. Have you tried making changes to your diet & lifestyle? A lot of the time this is the way people find a long time cure for their Acne.