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  1. Man i have'nt visited this page in ages.

  2. aww, ur such a sweetheart, nd u just put a smile on my face from ur comment, much love, btw ur skin looks great! muahzz

  3. I assume you mean that there "aren't"? If you can describe what exactly your problems are and what kind of scars you have, people might be able to advice on things you can do on your own. I'm aldready doing lactic peels and using sunscreen and most and cp serum.... not all at once but you understand. I'm looking for a derm-doctor or something iäve tried trough our hospital but they don't have anything in my town ...
  4. Tjena folket. Är det ngn i Sverige som gjort något åt sina ärr o vad har ni gjort? Vart har ni gjort det och är ni nöjda med resultatet? För här i skellefteå finns det inte så stora möjligheter till sådant! "Translation" Hi! Is there anyone in sweden who has done anything for their scars ??? Where and what have you done and are you pleased with the results. Cause here in Skellefteå there are any possibilities for that kind of stuff. Best Regards Pete
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  6. I could just search the net for this information But i thought i'd ask my freinds here at Acne.org. Cause i know that you guys have my best intrest at heart. Not like the freinds on Home improvement where you let a friend redecorate your house and it ends up like a circus tent with the floor ripped open so that the ponnies can play.... So any good site where i can purchase a good peel and what not?
  7. Soooo what kit would you recommend?? For a guy with mild to medium scaring, mostly rolling. Last kit was Lactic. Didn't feel much when i peeled, no redness and it was a 50 % solution. But i do have to say i did feel that it tightened te skin a bit! So give some recommendations and what is good with just that kit!! Feeling, application, cost just thoughts around it! Regards Peter
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  9. Ok this isn't that kind of massage..... But i was thinking... the face of a humanbeing har mussles and bloodveins in them so by massageing your face by hand our in the shower with one of those shower massage thingys could this help increase circulation possiblilties and what notfor healthier appiernce??? Keep in mind i am NO expert.... just think out loud for once.
  10. Hey guys.... thanks for the kind Words. I don't visit Acne.org as often but i do read som posts from time to time.... to be truthful i kinda lost my password an never really took the time to get a new one soooo .... But if i'm the Jedi of scars..... hehe ... i doubt it. I do know what i want to do and how i should keep my acne at a minimal .... atleast i think i do... thanks again for the kind words
  11. Maya you said something about cross.... somthing!!! How does that help scaring, aplying the acid in the dents????
  12. Kinda curious of how good results you get from subsion combind with other teratments.... any good link o people that have pics the can send or post???
  13. Nice conslusuion Lhamo but and the time thing is probably true also.... but the reason for the berakouts aren't coming from the monitor if you ask me. When you sit infornt of your computer i noticed that alot of people tend to touch there face more often then in other scenarios and thats the problem. The touching of the face. A little scrach here touch the mouse and keyboard collecting filth and then scratching/touching your face again trransfering the filth from one plce to your face and thus c
  14. Can you get a hold of the pics and post them in the forum here at acne.org??? Would be great to see =)