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  1. I dont know if any of u people have checked it out but they have loads of products that claim to help acne , has anyone actually used them and did they work are are they just bullshitting for money?
  2. hey , i was just wondering about some of the clean & clear stuff , cuz some of the cleansers and moisturisers are for acne. What happens if u use the bp and those at the same time cuz i think some of them contain bp? would it overdry ure skin horribly? or might it actually be good.. they have this spot treatment thats "so effective in a clinical study 100% of people saw clearer skin in just one day" thats from the website itself.
  3. hmm well , when i started i always used to wash with hot water , mainly cuz when the pores were open u could actually feel it doing stuff. but then for a while i started using cold water and broke out again... so i got depressed and changed everything back to how it was and it has fixed sort of...
  4. i dont know about oxy on the spot.. but just from the size + cost quinoderms got more value. just out of interest , does anyone who uses quinoderm actually know how much to use? cuz on the website for quinoderm it tells u to use really small amounts like pea size , but on this site it says about using loads , even tho that is 2.5%bp not 5 or 10%..
  5. This isnt really amazingly related to showers... but ive thought , if u wash with hot water it opens the pores right? and then wouldent that make like the bp and stuff be easily absorbed and be more effective? im not an expert by the way so dont shout at me
  6. oh yeah , i forgot to ask does anyone know any good stuff for the cleansing , moisturising parts that u can get from boots ?
  7. i have used the 10% bp quinoderm and the 5% as well , same kinda thing seems to happen.. also im a bit confused because on the actual quinoderm website the amount it tells u to use is nowhere near the amount i hear from this website and the forums.. and yes i know that it is 10% and the people are talking about 2.5 % but does that really make a difference appart from the drying. ive used smallish amounts like it tells u on the quinoderm site , and i still got new breakouts but it had helped. an
  8. ugh. ive been using quinoderm now for about 2-3 months and its definatly helped .. but now its just pissing me off. its horrible stuff , if u put too little on then u get breakouts , too much and u get a face that resembles a badly sunburnt grapefruit... it completly changes the texture and colour of ure skin so bad. whats worse is , it will turn into a big white paste after uve rubbed it in as much as possible there will be places where theres a white sludge and if u try to rub it it wil