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  1. Hey Borec, Love your 4 month update. I can see what you are talking about, dots or patches of skin colour returning to your cheeks, so excited for you! I was wondering if you could answer some questions, regarding your procedure; At the moment do you have any side effects from your dermabrasion+recell procedure at all? Secondly, I think I remember you saying that dermabrasion+recell has helped you with some scarred/enlarged pores, I'm just wondering if you still notice and improvement no
  2. shenanigansSG

    -One of the most effective spot treatment -Shrinks pimples -Works really fast (you can see a difference in 30 mins for new spots!) -Cheap if you buy it online, like on ebay. $10 is for 100ml! -Your acne can become resistant -Drying -Doesn't PREVENT acne... -The smell Used to use tea tree oil toner from the body shop, it worked for a few months then I'm guessing my acne became resistant, so I stopped. That was 2 years ago. Now, I use 100% tea tree oil as a spot treat
  3. Hey Borec, Do you mind telling us how much the treatment cost you? Also do you know how the dr. did the dermabrasion? i.e. was it with a wire brush or with a diamond fraise. Thanks. Not sure if you still in the UK, if u are, have a safe trip back.
  4. Hey Borec, It's certainly looking great now! Doesn't look like you've had an invasive procedure like dermabrasion done just 2 weeks ago. I guess it's just a waiting game now, do u have any more follow up appointments with your dr.? Thanks for sharing, and hope u keep us updated in the next few months when the recell would have time to work! -Luke
  5. Hey, Well I guess I was focussing more on the improvement in the indent than the improvement in colour. I do agree that just the improvement in the dent alone would make the treatment very worth it. (I know it would be worth it for me if I got that kind of improvement! ) -Luke
  6. WOW! That's some improvement gbl! It's almost unbelievable! I'm almost certain I'll be going for the recell treatment as well, though probably only in 1-2 years time. Most likely with the same doc who did the treatments for Borec. Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience. You must be thrilled! -Luke
  7. Hey Borec, Thanks for sharing! If you don't mind me asking, do you know what your Fitzpatrick skin type is? Good luck! -Luke
  8. Hey Borec, Good luck! Actually I am also considering this treatment, in Nottingham too (Dr. Maini right?), so I'm really curious to know how this will turn out. Although the earliest I would have this done is in around 1-2 years time. As someone with darker skin (Chinese) I think using recell may be a good option for me. Just thought I'd add, recell is currently going through a few clinical trials in the US. clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=recell Particularly relevant is no. 2, "A
  9. Hey gbl, Just wondering how's the scar looking now? Any updates on your recell or prp treatments with Dr. Ahmed? All the best with your improvement! (looking great so far!) -Luke
  10. [Citation needed] This is Ernesto: There's a huge thread by him on this very board, with larger resolution before/after pictures "doesn't really work for acne scars" pft Le edit: http://www.acne.org/...fraxel-re-cell/ Ernesto's first treatment was Subcision+Fraxel Repair+ReCell. His second treatment was Dr. Khan's Stem cell fat injections. Finally he did PRP and then Fraxel repair again. The Before/After photos u posted are from his first treatment, and before the swelling went down. He never
  11. Hey Faizal, Thank you for posting the messages. Sharing you story (and Laura's) has been very helpful. Good luck with your treatments, and let us know how much more improvement you get! Thanks! Hey Nightlily, There was a thread started by a user living in the US, 'roller', on this: acne.org (Delete) /messageboard/index.php/topic/303094-avita-re-cell-everything-you-need-to-know-right-here/ Apparently, a rough and somewhat optimistic estimate is mid-2014. -Luke
  12. Hi Faizal, Thanks for the info, actually I think it would be very helpful if you posted the messages sent by his other patient. And yep, I've been following gbl's thread since the beginning. I will begin my own set of home treatments early 2012; dermastamping, LEDs and daily retin-a 0.1%. If I do decide to get any sort of invasive treatment for scars it would only be in 1-2 years time. Before then, I am going to do as much research as possible, and stories like gbl's, yours and others' a
  13. Dear Kittyglitter, Thanks for sharing, how is your skin now? I am very interested in this procedure (laser + recell) and I am contemplating having this done as well with the same Dr., though it will only be in 1-2 years time. Hoping to hear from more ppl that have actually had it done. Good luck! -Luke