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  1. i really dont know....im just teenager that's simply following advices that might lead someday to a clear skin I'm currently on the water thing I mentioned above, I mean..it's not that difficult to follow and it will not cost you anything.... you should try it too
  2. right now I've a 'group' of pimples on my upper left cheek, just like you... and on the chinese face mapping it says, it's the stomach digestion, guess what.... it is true! I drank alot of liquid with my meals and after it.... then a few days ago i read an forum here that says not to drink water during and 1 hour after your meal i dont know why, but I guess it's for proper digestion...I'm tryin it out now
  3. alriight!! feels great to knowing more stuff i can consume! tnx alot alternativista! you do know alot about this topic.... if i post my questions related to diet here in the future, will you answer them?
  4. alright, will do! ill try eating sweet potatoes... and how about yams, are they alright to consume?
  5. Drifty, you mentioned above, that you've avoided some foods that made you breakout.. can you mention some food you've avoided so far that have improved your skin?
  6. yeaah dude! it's frustrating!!! when I had my first pimples, I thought it would end by the time I reach 18....now im almost 20 and im also vegan and I 've cut all sugary drinks and snacks right now... my face is pretty clear with some scars, BUT I have these 'group' of medium size acne on my left cheeks....DDDAAAAMMMNN!!!!
  7. hi Drifty! I heard great things about kefir! How it helped clear acne.. too bad i can't find kefir.. but yes, I am also a strong believer that our diet has great influence on our acne... I am currently on a low Gi diet..almost 2 weeks already. I hope it can reduce the breakouts on my left cheek, cuz it's so bad right now
  8. I eat whole grain pasta, cus its cheaper for me I hope it is oke to consume whole grain pasta...... btw electhedead, im a huge fan of the Celtics!
  9. I'm scared of tryin out the flaxseed... I tried once the bob's redmill flaxseed for about 2 weeks everyday with my lunch.... I got HUGE pimple around myy mouth afterwards...(bad memories!) I will try eating eggs...hope it doesn't give my acne @alternativista: i thought apple had a low gi? in most of the sites...apple had very low gi, how come? and what can i replace pasta and rice?....cuz im very active in sports and i need somethin to fill me up that doesn't give me acne
  10. so...im 19 years old...suffering from acne for about 6-7 years now( seems like forever!!!) i'm semi vegan. I dont eat animal meat, so fish and supplements are out of question.. my diet: every morning I make a bowl of Quaker oatmeal old fashiioned with water and a LITTLE bit of soya milk and All Bran. lunch: romain lettuce, tomato, cumcumber, whole grain pasta or paraboiled enriched rice and some veggy soya meat (little). at night: BIG apple sometimes 1 slice of whole grain bread (those re
  11. Hii everyone! so, i found on the ineternet some interesting articles about how low-Gi diet can help improve acne...and decided do begin with the diet.... I've been on low-Gi diet for about 2 weeks now, but i still dont see any improvement... Anyone knows how long it takes to see results???? (cause it pretty hard to stick to the diet )
  12. Hi! i have a queation regarding your first point. are you on a low glycemic diet? if yes, did you see any results?