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  1. Day 33 So it's been a little over a full month. Things have definitely changed around a bit. First, the side-effects. Lips are very, very dry all the time if I don't have chapstick right next to me. I don't have much of an oily face at all anymore. Skin is really dry after I shower and i'll start to crack if I don't put moisturizer on right away. Now the good stuff.... Acne cysts have definitely calmed down! the one on my right cheek, the always less terrible one, is pretty much flat but sti
  2. Well it's day 5 of my course.... yet I just took my 3rd pill. Seems really off, I'm getting tired of this every other day thing. I still haven't experienced any noticeable side effects, and my face is definitely not improving although I don't think it's getting worse from the drug. I wish I started this in August so I'd be clearing up already! At least the days are flying by though..... I wish my skin would cooperate with me.
  3. That's pretty sudden, I'll definitely start drinking gallons of water to prepare! I went to walmart yesterday and Vaseline was right by Aquaphor, and Vaseline has been good to me before so I decided to save 3 bucks and go with Vaseline but if my lips get too cracked while on Vaseline then I'll be on Aquaphor right away. I'm scared of any intitial breakout too! I do a lot at my school especially public things so having my skin likes this just sucks, but taking the pill every other day is already
  4. So I've been dealing with severe cystic acne for a few months now. It developed out of nowhere. I've had acne since the start of high school but it's never stayed around long. Now I'm a 16 year old high school senior and my face destroyed itself right before school started. Not a fun experience at all. I have two large cysts on my cheeks (one on each side) that have no intention of leaving. I've tried minocycline and clindamycin but to little effect. Then Bactrim DS, which cleared up my regular