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  1. ... Your at a sleepover with your perfect skin friends and you go wash your face then all of them come in and look at you like your a freak.
  2. Whatever you do do NOT put a BP topical on it. I reccomened just washing your face. Don't put anything on them. They should be gone soon if you do this. I had those durring the summer. And about 3 weeks before school started I got some topical (BenzaClin) my skin looked soooo good about a week before school started again. So I thought just to get rid of them I would put the BP on them. Every single one of them turned bright red. But then they don't turn into whiteheads they are just little red b
  3. Ok. So I am 13 years old. I'm in 8th grade. I've had acne since 6th grade. But it didn't get bad until last summer. So over the summer, I've been using the same mousterizer. It's like gasoline mousterizer and it's called 'vasciline intensive rescue repairing mousterizer. So it hasn't made my face red all summer. At the very first day of school, it makes my cheecks like bright red. So I waited like 30 minutes, but it was still red. So I just put my makeup on and went to school. Still, whenever I