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  1. Hey guys so I've been very happy thus far with my accutane journey. Stopped getting breakouts everywhere except the sides of my face which isn't bad at all. I know I only get breakouts when I drink alcohol which I was because of the holidays. Just got back from my derm and everythings going great. Lips are dry but not nearly as bad as before.. much less peeling Minimum flakes in the morning if any unless I decide to drink coffee Much less oil production Let me know if you guy
  2. TimeForAChange

    Day 86

    I've noticed that in the past when i started taking a multivitamin that my skin gets oily. Its great reading such a positive blog, keep it up!
  3. TimeForAChange

    Day 79

    Your skin looks great!!
  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the ones on the nose haha I used to move my nose and feel one and be like whyyy me?? lol Try not to worry about everything, I'm almost done with my 3rd month and to be honest theres really nothing you can do but just wait it out. Times flown by, it feels like yesterday i just took my first pill. Its definitely working for me hopefully you have even better luck! p.s if you have any questions let me know
  5. Nah i didn't get it at trader joes because my friend works there and I guess im self concious of him seeing me buy that. And it is all uphill from here!!
  6. Hope everything keeps going in the right path for you! Sounds very similiar to most peoples first months.
  7. So I've been super busy with finals like a lot of you probably. Havne't had that much time to get on here and read other blogs but I definitely will soon, it's always interesting to read what other people have to say about their own experience on accutane at the same time I am. So ummmmm, I kinda had a little breakout when I was bumped from 40mg to 80mg a day, but that stopped. I keep getting new pimples in one area which is one side of my face like near my side burn sorta at ear level (im r
  8. Hey its alittle late but thanks for your post! Its great to see your hair isnt oily anymore either!!! haha But yeah i def saw a difference going up in dosage. Skin has been dry and tight just like yours and i am starting to break out more than usually but nothing too bad. Told you the weeks would go by fast!
  9. Hey guys its been a little over a month since i started 40mg and my derm just bumped me up to 80mg All is going to pretty well, I kinda hope the increase in dosage doesnt make any of my side effects signifantly worse! (fingers crossed) Heres slight recap of how it went - Skin was pretty flaky and peeling when id wake up, but now its so much better now - Skin is gradually getting less dry - One application of moisturizer in the morning is enought to keep my skin flake free now - My
  10. Even though you probably already know this, ive seen great improvment over a month on accutane with my dry skin by drinking ALOT of water, like a gallon jug a day, i also take a vitamin e pill (but ive done alot of research wether its harmful or not for you and its alot of clinflicting results) and they both helped tremendously.
  11. Great to see your doing fine!
  12. Hey guys, just got my dosage uped from 40mg to 80mg a day after one month Didn't have to many bad symptoms, mostly dry lips, dry sesitive skin. Never had a horrible IB I was wondering what you guys experienced after making this change Please let me hear your experience!
  13. TimeForAChange

    Week 1

    havne't seen too many people on here only taking one pill a week but stick with it and goodluck! Six weeks isn't long at all!