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  1. How do you use Turmeric for acne ? I mean.. the turmeric spice ? How long does it take to give results ?
  2. I bought a new face wash I saw in market today. Its called " Rose Anti Acne Face Wash" . And it contains, Rose, Turmeric, Neem according to its label on its back and soap-free. I used this just now and it didn't over-dry my face. Do any of these ingredients seems effective for acne ? Thanks !
  3. This is something I haven't tried before but my friend did and it got rid of her acne after doing this for a while. This won't do any harm and that's for sure. What she does is, steaming face just before going to bed at night for about 10 minutes and wash face with cold water. She has stopped using anything else while doing that. But I don't think using a normal face wash will hurt. After doing this for a couple of weeks, her face improved a lot and its been about.. a bit longer than a month a
  4. I have the same problem. Would castor oil ( without mixing with anything else ) help ? Does it really help to clear these pores ? Is using a toner good for this ?
  5. I have similar acne to yours.. maybe even more worse . I'll get some pictures later . I used Clean & Clear face wash for a couple of weeks and it made my biggest pimples' size smaller. But nothing else actually. What "reality" said is true. I am thinking of buying a face wash with natural ingredients as much as possible.
  6. Light for sure .. because comparing with yours mine are EXTRA severe !!!
  7. Be thankful that its only a bump. I have one which is black and big because of a popped pimple 3 or 4 years ago !! Its now like a birthmark . As long as yours isn't noticeable don't think too much about it. Its the bloody nose we have to deal with . Try using some honey for a couple of weeks there. I used everything on my black one and nothing worked so I now think of it as a birthmark.. stupid I know but I can't do anything to do. Since yours don't have that kind of a problem , try using one
  8. When that happens to me I use some honey there and it seems to be good. I don't know if it heals itself even without putting honey but it makes me feel better that I did something to heal it.
  9. I have lots of very small blackheads on my nose. These are so small that I can squeeze and remove them after steaming my face. Is there anything, home remedy, oil, product that I can use to get rid of these ?
  10. Is it true that castor oil help acne marks ???? Someone please look into this. I have seen this on some websites and still haven't met a user !!!
  11. I have an oily face and washing more than twice a day hasn't done anything bad to me. I know after coming back home from school my skin feels way too dirty so the first thing I do after coming back home is washing my face . I cleanse my face in the morning and at night, and after coming back home from school. When I am at home after working out, I wash my face. So in brief, I wash my face 3 times a day and it didn't dry out my skin .
  12. I have seen in many places that toners should be used to close pores after washing the face with a face wash. I have been using Clean & Clear foaming facial wash for about 2 weeks now. And its been ... not bad. So I am still continuing this product. So I bought a skin toner as well... But I want to know if these SKIN TONERS actually help to improve the skin ??