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  1. I love stuff from lush but I absolutely cannot use their face products. Yes, most of it is 'natural' but I know it caused me to break out badly. The stuff is fun to use and smells good, but I really wouldn't recommend it for acne prone skin. Stick with their hair and body stuff and use your normal facewash/moisturizer. Even the exfoliator broke me out badly :/
  2. I would look into seeing a derm. I really think going to a derm helps most people as it gives you solid advice and a routine to stick to, not some array of facewash/cream combos you might use instead. Your acne isn't terrible but I know red marks can be super annoying, so getting it under control will allow your skin to heal.
  3. I really don't see how that could be beneficial to your skin.
  4. Benzaclin did not work for me either, my skin was constantly red and peeling. I now use Duac and its the same thing but is so much gentler on my skin. Maybe try that?
  5. I have to agree with this. Just because your skin doesn't look airbrushed doesn't mean its not nice.
  6. You will usually always break out after starting a new regiment- I know when I found what *now* works for me I did, but I made sure to stick with it. On the other hand, I used Differin for months and it was terrible for me and made me have the worst breakouts ever. With your regiment I would say just use a regular facewash and maybe BP. Lots of people think that natural=good for skin when it doesn't always work that way. You said it doesnt stop your breakouts so I would maybe look into othe
  7. I would say that acne is mild and in no way warrants the prescription of Accutane. You've only tried ONE course for three months thus far, so I would suggest trying a different method. Like you said, ask your derm and see where that takes you, but I really don't think it will involve Accutane.
  8. First off you need to stop blaming yourself.... I see you wrote that you should have 'stuck with a routine', but the terrible thing about persistent acne that many of us face (from mild to severe) is that we will get it no matter what. Maybe it will go away on its on or be controlled with medication, but in the end we are simply more prone to acne. I would really suggest going on Accutane to give yourself results you will be able to see and is proven to help severe acne. Of course there are
  9. I would stop using any face scrub because like you said it causes you to break out. Not sure what face wash you use, but you can try a benzoyl peroxide one. Since you get outbreaks over your entire cheeks area I would say to look for a BP cream to put on at night... you'll have to find one that works for you but make sure to stick with it.
  10. I also use an extractor when I get those little whiteheads. If I just leave it and don't pop it, the problem is usually worse Press just enough until the whitehead is gone, then keep your face clean and it will heal quickly. Really simple and easy.
  11. Sucks that you're going through the IB, but at least it is early on in your course. Usually once people push through that difficult period their skin improves a TON. And don't feel too down, most people won't be judging you by your skin flaring up (I know I never notice it in others). Good luck!
  12. My skin barely ever gets dry and moisturizer doesn't seem to do a thing for me. I have tried all the 'best' moisturizers and none of them benefit my skin really. The only moisturizer I use is stuff for my eye area.
  13. If you can get it done, get a chemical peel at a doctors office. It helps remove some scarring and with a couple treatments could get rid of that bump.
  14. If your skin is red, I would only use it once a day. I use Duac, and although there are other brands with the exact same ingredients, it works the best for me and I dont have any redness or dryness. If I use any other BP though I get bad results. Maybe trying a different type of medicine such as Duac would work well.
  15. It may be that your diet is a large part of an acne trigger in your case, so using gentle products such as Cetaphil could work well for you. I know that food doesn't really affect my acne and that using BP is what works for me. I know lots of people who have good skincare routines with Cetaphil so you could give it a try.