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  1. Bladensmom

    Day 5 & 6

    Day 5 The zit in my ear formed into some kind of awfulness over night!! It's so big that it's putting pressure on some kind of nerve or something important lol. I'm having trouble hearing and it hurts SO bad to smile or move my cheeks. It feels like an ear infection... but i know it's because of this stupid bump! My face and lips are still drying out. I'm peeling a little today and my face is a little red in sensitive spots. I have always gotten these painful creases in the corners of my
  2. Bladensmom

    Day 3 & 4

    Day 3 I'm feeling pretty tired by the end of the day, which sucks but i think this is the best sleep I've ever had! I can feel the pimples forming under my skin and I'm a little worried. My lips feel kinda weird because they are so dry, but tolerable with aquaphor. I got a zit todayin the weirdest spot, on my upper thigh. It was swollen like a bug bite and when i sqeezed it, it popped like a zit. I hope it doesn't scar or nothing. My mood is good and I'm looking forward to being acne free
  3. The day before starting accutane
  4. Bladensmom

    Acne Defines Me

    I can definitely relate... it is really hard to be an adult, even worse being a parent, and to accept yourself as "the gross girl with acne". Your words hit home for me, that is exactly how i have felt for years now. Like yourself, i also HATE washing my face each night. It's a reminder of how bad things really are. Have you tried antibiotics? The antibiotics worked great for me for years but for whatever reason quit working. Looking back, i now see that even when the anitbiotics worked an
  5. Bladensmom

    Day 1 & Day 2

    DAY 1: (40 MG once daily for 2 weeks) I took my first pill yesterday and did not notice any changes in my acne and had no side effects. DAY 2: I took my second pill this morning and thus far haven't noticed a thing yet. I'll keep you updated. Pictures will be coming soon
  6. I started getting acne at 10 years old. After years of suffering with acne, mostly just on my forehead, i learned that i could try prescription methods to clear up my acne. After about a month or 2 of taking an antibiotic (Doxcycline) and using a couple topicals (Retin A Micro and not positive on the other) my face cleared up. I kept up with the treatment religiously for a year before i started to take it as needed. Finally i was one of those people with nice, clear skin. There is no greate