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  1. seriously, some of you guys are a joke. I have issues because I don't think highly of the opinion of some guy on an internet forum and what HE thinks I should do to MY face. It's as if softly thinks I am jumping in to this without doing any research or giving it any thought. I think I know what's best for MY face. The problem I have is reading and lurking in the scar forum for the past 4 years I have stumbled across several of his posts and to me atleast, he seems like a know it all. NONE OF US
  2. about YOUR scarring? The point I want to make is that to put all your trust in to 1 derm/doc/surgeon may not be the best idea. Many (not all) are going to push you towards their specialty or what they have(laser,etc). Alot of the scar treatments that you read about on here come from people that have only employed a single modality to treat their scarring. Some of this may be fostered by docs pushing people towards 1 option. When that 1 option doesn't work as well as hoped people lose hope and w
  3. For now, and for the type of scarring I have, I dont believe that any type of laser would benefit me more than dermabrasion. Im not leaving it up to the derm or surgeon to decide what type of scar treatment i should have. No matter what they all have a specialty or machine to pay for that they will push you towards. The treatments I have selected, I believe will work best for my skin and scarring. I do believe that the whole key to my treatments is building up the scars as much as possible throu
  4. Thanks for your "opinion", but I have my own opinions on how I should treat MY scarring. What makes you the resident expert anyways? Combination treatment doesn't necessarily mean doing multiple treatments at once. I AM having a COMBINATION of treatments to treat different areas and types of scarring. Thus I'm having COMBINATION treatment. LOL, should I do them all at once,LOL. I dont think that would workout favorably. For any following this thread I am having my first subcision on Friday the
  5. I'm a new poster, but I have been a long time lurker. I have left my job. Saved some money, and I am devoting 1 full year to improving my scarring, and in the process hopefully saving my life. I am in an attached relationship with a wonderful woman and have a great family that fully support me. I have mostly shallow scarring, but there is quite alot of it. It's probably not as bad as I think it is, but it really eats me up inside. I feel like I can't reach my fullest potential if I don't do some