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  1. because I feel like one pump of BP is enough for my face and two pumps is overkill. I am the girl with the tiniest face in the world.
  2. Djbluzclooz


    After a little bit: After a little bit longer: Looking better? Slightly, maybe.
  3. Djbluzclooz

    Patience Is A Virtue

    I ordered Dan's BP and it said its projected date was the 25th. Well, now its the 26th and when I left for work yesterday morning I thought when I got home there would be a package waiting for me. So disappointed. Maybe tomorrow? I'm running out of the Neutrogena On the Spot treatment so I'm hoping the BP gets here, yesterday I've been washing my face according to the Regimen, and I only missed one washing session. I fell asleep on the couch :/ I've taken more pictures but I'm too lazy to p
  4. It has salicylic acid in it, I wasn't sure if I should use it or not?
  5. Djbluzclooz

    Acne Defines Me

    Thank you for the encouragement. I hope that I'm not allergic to BP, it does burn a bit, but I don't have any rashes. So did your skin stay clear after you stopped using BP? It is so frustrating. I almost wish I had acne when I was younger, this adult stuff is horrible.
  6. Djbluzclooz

    Acne Defines Me

    Introducing the gross girl with acne..... I never had acne until I was about 19. I really didn't wash my face before then either. Once I had my daughter and stopped breastfeeding, I started getting a few pimples here and there. So, I thought I would be proactive (pun) and start washing and moisturizing daily. I started with Clinique and my skin got worse. I went back to not doing anything and it got better. But then, after about a year I started to get a lot of pimples so I started to try ev