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  1. I'm on tazorac .05 cream to start out...using it every other night. Hopefully, moving to every night soon, as my skin gets used to it. Will .05 cream work? or do i need .1?? Also, whats better the cream or gel??? I have very highly sensative skin, however I also have oily, clogged skin..VERY VERY VERY STUBBORN WHITEHEADS AND BLACKHEADS!!! So, should I switch to .1%?? using cream or gel?? Additionally, what do you guys cleans with?? I change my cleansers so often I odnt even know what
  2. luxlisbon, i feel for you!! i am in the same situation as you. i ahte seeing my ffreinds who dont do anything to their skin and its still beautiful. i also had clear skin a few years back. never any teen problems. at age 22, i started breaking out like crazy and ive been battlnig it alomst three years now. it drves me crazy. i stay home a lot, im so embarrased and im sick of feeling depressed. im seeing a therpaist andi might go on anti-depressants. right nowim on doxyfor months and
  3. kristiana, how long have you been on Doxy? ive been on it twice a day since the end of April. Now,im down to one pill a day...slowing weenig off it. However, my skin is awful!! i have HUGE cysts on my face, bumps, redness etc..its horrible. i cried all day. i dont want to go back to doxy twice a day becasue its not good to be on that too long. maybe ill try accutane. My skin has spiraled out of control and i need help!! any advice?? thanks
  4. has anynoe ever used this?? its new product. its azelaeic acid. its burns me when i put it on but, i heard its for roscaea and acne which i have. im trying to stick with it. sometnng has got to work!! please help..need info thanks!
  5. wow kristiana! you sound JUST like me! i had PERFECT akin my whole life. Barely ever broke out as a teenager. Just the occasional zit every blue moon. My complexino was clear, smooth, even. Just beautiful. Ever since I turned 22, two years ago, I started getting adult acne, tons of redness, cogged pores, my forehead is all bumps its gross!! i get s-o-o-o depressed! I wonder why its happening now? i went through my teens flawless?? i look in the mirror all day obsessing! i notice ever
  6. hey i use plexion cleanser and mask from time to time...it works ok. Just can be a bit drying if used too much... any more info?? Thanks
  7. Hey there Scamp, Soory I havent written in a while....Ive been busy Just wanted to tell you that differin/azelex combo is doing ok...im on doxycyclene though as well. Azelex burns al ittle when you put it on at first, becasue it tends to do that in sensitive skin, like mine. Your mom is right about the antibiotics, howwever, they re only not good for you if you are on them for a very LONG time. Im trying it for just a few months. Im already on it alomst three weeks. Maybe you should a
  8. You sound just like me!! I know exactly how you feel! I too had beautiful teen skin. Now, at 24, Ive been battling acne for two years now. It's horrible. Like you, I love playing sports and im dreading not wearing makeup this summer while playing sports. I even dont go out some nights becasue of it. It gets me so depressed. I dont want ot deal with this crap at this age. Right now, im using differin every other night and azelex on other nights. Im also on doxycyclene- two pills a day.
  9. Anyone ever use differin? or Azelex?? Are either any good?? I'm trying diiferin now because I was so fed up with retin a micro. I heard it supposed to be milder and just as effective. Also, anyone ever use azelex?? I used it way back when, I think I liked it but I rembered it kinda tingled when I applied it, because my skin is so sensitive. Is azelex worth trying again?? Anynoe have any luck with with either of these produts?? Please help! Any advice is good!! :? Much Appreciated.
  10. My skin is always so greasy and gross. In the moring I am very oily, then by noon, I feel like I have to wash my face again. Then again in the evening. Am I washing too much?? See, I use retin a micro at night, so I try to wear and spf in the morning. All that stuff really makes me greasy and feel icky. However, I did come across this new sunblock from DDF that has a matte finish and has antioxidents. Is is really essential to wear a sunblock even if your not gonig to be in the sun very
  11. Has anyone ever used this?? I used to use Cleocin T lotion for a while..it worked great. I applied it in the morning ..Then it stopped working, ofcourse. Now, my derm has put me back on it after while of being off it. But, now it makes my face greasy. Does the cleocin T gel work anybetter than the lotion?? Also, I dont think its helping my skin, once again. I do use retin a micro at night, though. Thanks.
  12. Did you have those broken capilaries before usng retin a micro?? I didnt know that this could possibly have been a side effect!! Are you still continuing ot use it? Did you tell your derm about that?? Thanks! :?
  13. I heard that retin a micro is also a preventative for wrinkles...BUT...how can this be if it dries the hell out of your face?? Wouldn't that cause wrinkles??? I'm always peeling and I dont want to overdue a moisturizer and cause more acne!! I dont want acne, but I dont want wrinkels at a young age either!..Need more info!! HELP!!! :?
  14. I heard a rumor that retin a micro might cause broken capilaries in people with ultra sensitive skin. Is this true?? If so, is it permanent?? I have noticed quite a few more broken caplilaries surrounding my nose while being on retin a micro. I hope its not permanent..then I'll be really upset. Ive been on it for almost three months...should I stop retin a micro treatment now?? :? Thanks.
  15. I have tried proactive, however I got very red from it. I think its becasue my skin is ultra sensitive from eczema. My sister loves it, though. I guess its different for everyone. Now, I just feel like there are no other approaches..I thought about accutane but my sister had a really bad effect from that too. I'm not sure what to do or what to try next. I feel like Ive tried it all. However, I will try your gentler washing advice. Also, what about an spf? I know you need one with retin
  16. My whole life I had beautiful clear skin, just the rare few pimples every so often. As a teen, I never struggled with acne or anything of the sort, just some sensitive skin and eczema. Now, at 22 I have developed acne for the first time in my life! I am trying everything possible to make it go away. My t-zone is forever shiney, I have so many bumps and blackheads and whiteheads, my pores are HUGE, and I scar easily. I wash my face so much cause I'm so greasy! I wash with cetaphil or neutro