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  1. So after over 20years I've finally got control over my skin. I have been following a low carb and gluten free diet and doing a lot better in general. I avoid all processed food as much as possible. My skin now stays clear for weeks which is a massive deal for me and if I do breakout its not the big cysts anymore My question is whether its more likely the gluten elimination or the low carb that is the major factor here or could it be both? I have been tested for coeliac/celiac disease
  2. The dose given to me is probably not enough, but I have to take what the doctor has prescibed, unless I buy some more supplements to take on top,I'll have to look into whats avaliable. I did the home coeliac test which came back negative, so Im not going to take that any further, have started getting on the right track towards eating less gluten anyway. My skin has been very good the past week, the past 3 days Ive had no new breakouts, Im hoping its down to the vitamin d but I have had goo
  3. Yes Alternativista, I did make a post, so annoying its disappeared, they are d3, 500mg calcium and 400iu vit d to be taken twice a day, I have 100 tablets to take. I will certainly be cutting gluten even if not coeliac like you say, Ive found alot of bad stuff about it,it doesnt seem fair that people dont realise the damage they are doing to their bodies. I mean here a wholemeal bread is considered very healthy, most kids have sandwiches in their lunch boxes everyday, including mine. Im tryin
  4. Ive tried neutrogena mutil defence moisturiser before and it broke me out. Havent tried any of the others you mentioned, but used biore unclogging scrub for a long time with no problems, unfortuantly they have recently changed the packaging and the scrub inside is a different colour have bought some but a bit scared to use it....Im so annoyed they've done that Im currently turning towards more natural alternatives as Ive tried so many things, and never seen any signifcant improvements.
  5. For some reason the post I made yesterday is not showing anymore, nor the last reply?? Anyway, been starting to make a list of whats gluten free and not in my cupboards and doing alot of reading on the net, looking a bit easier. Ive started taking my vit d tablets, dont feel any better yet, but feeling positive they'll help my tiredness. I have slight hopes they might help my skin but not getting them up too high as I'll only be disappointed. Ive read a few threads on here where its helped pe
  6. When I was first looking into buying a mineral makeup, I read up a bit as I always do when I want to try something new, the first thing I found was an article talking about bismuth in certain brands and that is was a known irritant. I found that bare minerals, which was the most well known brand had it. I couldnt be sure I would react to this particular ingredient but I thought it best to avoid anyway, and the other brands I found were usually cheaper anyway. Maybe this may be irritating your sk
  7. I know that I need to eat a generally healthier diet, and I know that vitamin D is important, Im not confused about that. I confused at all the different things that could be the MAIN contributing factor to my problems. I dont think its easy to be completely dairy or gluten free no, in this country(uk) gluten is in almost everytthing, dairy isnt much better either. I started looking into going dairy free and alot of the alternatives are soya, then Ive read soya is bad. I cannot eat fresh meat
  8. I really am so confused, I dont know what to eat anymore!! Im nearly 30 and still suffer moderate acne. I have blood sugar issues which Im convinced are connected. Ive recently been having some blood tests for blood sugar but the doctors cannot find anything wrong, although my levels go quite low they are still within normal range, so they will not investigate any futher. I have to eat every few hours or I suffer hypoglycemic like symptoms, Ive read so much thats suggests this can cause acne.
  9. Not sure whether it's spelt estrogen or oestrogen, but Im sure most of you know what this is. Ive just started looking into this today as a result of a genetic disorder my son is being tested for. He is being tested for something called fragile x syndrome, has not been diagnosed yet, but Ive obviously been looking into it. If he has this, I as his mother would be a carrier of it, and will have a premutation of the gene, and although most have never heard of it, its one of the most common gen
  10. Yes I still have shaky epiodes and more so in the afternoons. I generally have my breakfast and lunch at normal times and by about 4 in the afternoon I need to eat before I have my dinner at about 6-7ish. Yes I can have eggs and sweet potatoes. Ive only ever really had sweet potatoes as a lunch like you would a jacket potato, normally with beans or soured cream, wouldn't really know what else to do with them. Eggs again usually are along side bread, which Im trying to avoid, an omelette on its o
  11. Ive lurked on these boards for a few weeks now. Im 29 and have suffered acne since I was about 14 and enough is enough I need to sort this! I suffer from something which I think may be insulin resistance, and Ive read so many articles that links this to acne, so this MUST be my cause. Ive had this since I was little, my mum used to keep sweets in the car and would always be checking me incase I fainted or something, she had me checked for diabetes but was fine. Ive never really thought much