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  1. Damn, I'm sorry guys. I guess I'm a shallow idiot I've been majorly freaking out over this, but this has kinda brought me back to earth a little bit. Did you seriously see all the pictures? I feel that the last ones really looks horrible! @Pord, I've needled the biggest scar and dermarolled it once so far, using LEDs and Terproline Professional. Thanks for your replies guys, I'll get on with my life then I guess
  2. I thought I wasn't a superficial guy (I mean, I have other acne scars that don't bother me), but I guess I might be If you seriously believe that I shouldn't worry about those scars, then I'll try to stop.
  3. Hi guys! I was thinking about starting dermarolling using Lamarr's protocol from these boards, and thought I should share my journey with you guys! Now, before you look at the pictures, the camera does not do the scarring any justice. The scar I have circled in the second photo is actually visible (the whole area that I have circled) in harsh lighing from at least a couple of yards, which is really bumming me out, It kinda looks like someone took a stamp and stamped that thing on my face
  4. Cool, Bx, I'll def do that! I just have another question for you guys, and didn't feel like starting another topic: My biggest scar looks worse from a distance than it looks up close (it basically disappears when you get close enough), is that normal?
  5. Hi! I was wondering whether someone had found some cheap, oil-free moisturizers without AHAs (with or without SPF)? I'm currently using salicyclic acid to battle my mild acne and oily skin, and I would like to add a moisturizer (would come in handy if I every wanted to do a peel or whatever). However, most of the moisturizers I've found online are either unavailable in my country (the acne.org one), contain AHAs or are very expensive. Anyone got any good suggestions? Thanks )
  6. Nah man. I think I'm just getting older (that's my derm's suggestion anyway). I try not to worry too much about it, just enjoy living in Cali
  7. Okay, just came back from the dermatologist and he said that the reason was most likely that once one reaches adulthood the skin loses some of its ability to heal. So I guess acne will scar easier, which is a bummer
  8. I did pop one pimple that left a scar, but some others I never touched and they left scars as well. This is really weird, since I never used to scar before this (at least not noticably). The only difference from today and a couple of months ago is that I popped a zit that was really not ready, which left me with a huge scar - and my guess is that this scar made me stressed/depressed, which again made all my subsequent pimples leave scars as well. Other than that, I have no idea. Maybe my bod
  9. Hi, I'm thinking about starting dermarolling, but I just have one question: I like to go out drinking with my friends at least once a week, would this be very counter-beneficial towards removing my scars? Thanks!
  10. Sorry for the double post, but I believe I found something important. Turns out that being depressed slows down wound healing, and my bet is that this is what caused my acne to scar all of a sudden. I popped a zit I shouldn't have which caused a scar, but it got bigger because I was depressed about it. Also, being depressed for about a month now made me realize that all the subsequent scars I got probably also came from being depressed. So: If you're scarring from acne (and still have ac
  11. But if it isn't the sun, then I'm just really baffled. Is it possible to suddenly start scarring for no apparent reason?
  12. Well, at first quite a lot of sun exposure (through car windows etc, the UVA rays), and I didn't really use sunscreen because I already had a tan from the summer. Later on I've been mostly staying inside out of fear of getting too much sun on my biggest scar (Tried a TCA peel for it, but I accidentally touched one of the peeling skin flakes and now it's about 3 cm larger). No antibiotics, but I've actually been really stressed/depressed since maybe mid september due to the fact that the nigh
  13. Well, that's the problem, the scars are new. Usually I just get a dark spot after I pop a zit, but now more often than not that dark spot also is accompanied by a scar (boxcar or rolling I think). This just suddenly started happening when I came to California, but I dunno if it's because I'm just more prone to scarring now (just turned 23), or if the sun is to blame.
  14. Hi, I recently moved to California (from Norway), and just realized that I've gotten a couple of rolling scars on my cheeks (I don't think they were there before, but I can't be sure - they're only visible in certain lightning). I was wondering if maybe the fact that the sun is much stronger here than I'm used too is what caused my acne to scar? I haven't had any problems with ance scarring before, but now it seems like every acne I get leaves a scar. (I've already booked an appointm