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  1. Seriously. For all of those hollistic people and whatnot, tihs thread isn't for you. I've been rid of acne for over a year now due to accutane, which was both a godsend and a curse. After that my dermatologist placed me on tazorac and I used it for nearly a year, like 9 months? I guess it kept the acne at bay. I've had a little bit here and there, but nothing like the cysts that plagued my face. Anyway, here is me with makeup on: Without makeup (fresh out of the shower and unshaven
  2. Thanks! It was kind of my plan all along to change my name form InAStateofDespair to a InAStateOfHopefulness when I finished my accutane course
  3. thank you so much!!! I've been getting comments from old friends/coworkers that don't even know I'm on accutane and they're right "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING!? Your face omg!" ahha, it feels great but I still have a little ahead of me, the scars will hopefully fade! Are you on accutane? I'm so glad that you get compliments . Do you wear makeup? I've always heavily covered my acne, so no one has ever really said anything. I completed my accutane course. I'm now on Tazorac for scarring/red marks.
  4. Your skin seriously looks amazing without make up! I'd kill (well not actually kill - so don't worry - you're fine ) for skin that good! If there is redness left from acne hopefully wearing the lighter amounts of foundation will help with that for you and make you feel more confident. But honestly - from those photos - I'd say you didn't need it Please don't kill me . Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate it, but its hard for me to see it. I just feel like I've dealt with so much in regards
  5. I've been trying this out. Instead of applying layers of makeup (foundation and concealer all over), I've been using a lighter foundation. And just it, well except for concealer under eyes . That's great then baby steps And just think - using less or lighter foundation can only benefit your skin - so that's a plus side. Hope it all works out well I just feel HIDEOUS without makeup . Like I feel like I'm vey dependent on it. Me without makeup: I just have a lot of redness and aftermath (r
  6. I'm pretty sure that Triamcinolone and Acetonide are the main ingredients. Triamcinolone Acetonide Triamcinolone Acetonide
  7. Or you can buy water filters. I think that would be a cheaper, better alternative.
  8. Your face is doing really well! WOW, the progress is so noticeable. Imagine what your face will look like in the end (not that it doesn't look amazing now)!
  9. My dermatologist said to me that I shouldn't use any other topical medications while on accutane (benzoly peroxide, aha, retinoids, salacylic acid, etc). He told me to just use a gentle cleanser and moistruizer because your skin gets REALLY sensitive when using accutane. I would think that he told me this because of the sensitivity and dryness. I'm pretty sure it would super dry your face out and be counterproductive.
  10. I thought their acne solutions line contained salacylic acid, which you shouldn't use while on accutane?!
  11. I had excema really bad on my hands, and a bit on my arms. My derm prescribed me Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream. It cleared my excema up. Vaseline also really helped, lol.
  12. Here are some pics updating my progress (warning I didn't shave today and my hair is a bit unkempt ). My skin is blotchy/ruddy, but overall its doing better. Here you can really see the little red dots, but they're fading at a pretty good pace. I also have one pimple, but its very minor. However, it does thoroughly annoy me. Damn survivor pimple! Here you can see how red my face is. Its darker than my neck by a few shades. Its also really shiny >.<! Its like I have constant face peel g
  13. Both, really. My father wants me to wear zero. I just don't want to look so made up. I've been trying this out. Instead of applying layers of makeup (foundation and concealer all over), I've been using a lighter foundation. And just it, well except for concealer under eyes .
  14. I ahve extremely dry skin, and HAVE TO use mositurizer. I've been using Tazorac for a month, and am still flaky .
  15. I am out of high school, but I wore makeulep in high school as well. I don't give a crap about the whole guy wearing makeup. Besides, as a homosexual, its stereotyped that I'm supposed to wear makeup. So it doesn't really come as a big surprise to anyone that I do wear it, lol. Anyway, I think I'm going to just ween myself off of makeup. Not sure how, but I really want to. It feels really restrictive.