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  1. YES. I can identify with this line so much. There are times when I'll be so good about not picking, consciously dragging myself away from an inflamed pimple. But then the other times when I let myself go on the tiniest of clogged pores and can't stop until I've squeezed most of my face. Anyway, good luck with this process and stay strong. You are worth it!
  2. Yes, I've felt like this with my scarring too. But also I think a lot of what you were experiencing with that girl was first impressions. When you first meet someone, you notice looks more than anything else (which is bad in the case of us who are scarred). But on the bright side, if you think of the people you've known the longest, the ones that you are closest to, its more the personality than anything else that shines through. When I think of my mom, its a warm fuzzy feeling, not the lines on
  3. Are you still taking the antibiotics? That may help out with the initial break out. It's weird that the new pimples are taking longer to go away since retin-a should speed up the cell turnover rate. I know it does take awhile for retin-a to get past the breaking out stage, so I would stick with it for at least 3 months.
  4. I would get a secondary opinion. You have a lot more options than just antibiotics or accutane. And if its mild to moderate, I really don't see why he would jump the gun to prescribing accutane. Also, it seems weird that he would prescribe you antibiotics indefinitely. Are you taking BCP? Have you looked into spiro? I think there are a lot of other options for you, and you shouldn't just settle for a lazy derm who wants to get your money and get you out the door as soon as possible. Go