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  1. happy CRAPPY DAY skipped work today, crying this morning. I'm feeling really self-conscious today, just getting sick of that impatient feeling where you try a new treatment (esp. an expensive one) and are really exited about it and then... nothing, or worse. This community really helps though, it's great to see a range of beautiful (internally and externally) people who are dealing with this daily and it's pretty inspiring. It really is frustrating though, especially as I've always taken such
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your problems, it's brave of you to keep trying and shows a strong personality. Today woke up really pissed off with it and decided I would try more aggressive treatment (even thought i'm already splashing out cash on salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments and doing exactly what I'm meant to, arrggh!) so was looking into microdermabrasion because I was reading about it on a blog called www.naag.com and it was apparently really successful any thought/comments/adv
  3. Hi, I was having a particular crappy day with my acne and I was online googling it (bad habit) and I came across this and made an account so I could reply. I know how bad it feels when people make comments and they can't empathise, or when you just know someone's looking at your face but not your eyes. In situations likes these it's easy and tempting to be bitter, but these are the facts: Dealing with acne is hard, and it's brave of you, and requires more courage than people realise. It's easy