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  1. so I've been doing pretty good. haven't missed a step in the holy grail. the initial dryness has just about passed. I am finding it extremely difficult not to pick or touch my face at all. I have caught myself more than once lol. but now I cam more aware. My complexion seems to be smoothing out some but i still have a ton of old red marks that are gonna be around for a while i'm sure. I am do to have my monthly here in just a few days. As a result, I have gotten 4 small tiny bumps below my s
  2. thank you and yes, I can already feel that this BP is too strong. my face is sloughing off dead skin and my neck is peeling. I went to Walgreens and the OTC BP is too expensive. I am going to order a kit from here as soon as I run out of my script. Figure if I pay $65/month for my script, I can afford $38 instead lol **so glad to have comments **
  3. Well it's the 3rd full day on the holy grail. I used up the last little bit of moisturizer I had this morning, so I stopped at Walgreens on my way home from work to get some more. Decided to try the Cetaphil this time. Also stopped and grabbed a bottle of Jojoba Oil because my skin is so dry right now. I can see the skin on my lower face and neck flaking off just from talking and turning my head *yuck* I have been through this before a few times, so it doesn't discourage me, just gross and makes
  4. I forgot to add that I am also a picker!!! if it comes to a head I have to pick it. I tell you, forcing myself not to pick is like trying to quit smoking! I quit smoking back in May. If i can do that I CAN stop picking right??
  5. Hello. I wanted to track my journey so i can keep track for myself, so i may as well let others learn/partake in it as well. Let's start off by giving a little background on myself. I'm 28, married, with 3 kids, and work full time, all of which = stress. I have battled mild acne / really oily skin and hair / occasional bacne/chestne since about 15 or 16. I have tried any and all brands and types of OTC washes and medications, as well as Pro Active. I have also seen my primary care doctor an