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  1. I've always had acne, but during pregnancy and the first 6 months of nursing had really good skin. As my baby drank less and less my skin went back to normal (bad). So it's possible as your hormones get back to normal your skin will too, whatever condition that is. Right now I'm not doing anything for my skin except exfoliating, but I'm purchasing a Zeno to see if that works for me.
  2. Purpose is a good gentle face soap. I've used it and it works well. Bar vs soap doesn't matter. There are liquid facial cleansers that will make you break out and bar cleansers too. Also the terms "soap" vs "cleanser"no longer mean anything.
  3. I use Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin and it covers all the bases - non-comedogenic, SPF15, no color or fragrance added.
  4. No, it's BS. I do WW and part of my plan is that I must drink 8 glasses of water a day. It has no effect on my skin. I think the drinking water thing is good advice only for adults whose acne is cause by being unhealthy people, ie people who eat poorly or have the ugly american addictions (coffee, nicotine, Doritos...). It's a good first step to cutting out the bad and putting in the good.
  5. I like the Burt's Bees Complexion Soaps. Tomato Soap Vegetable soap base, fragrance, tomato powder, aloe barbadensis. I'm not sure what the fragrance in this is because this soap smells like a tomato plant straight up from your garden. I switched to the carrot since I was worried about the fragrance in the tomato soap irritating my skin, but in retrospect I don't think it was a problem. Carrot Soap Vegetable soap base, carrot powder, carrot seed oil, aloe barbadensis, cinnamon powder, nutm
  6. Something that helps me sleep is bedtime stories, just like being a kid. I have trouble sleeping because I am one of those people who lays in bed and thinks about all the things I have to do the next day and all the things I was supposed to do today and then I beat myself up for everything wrong I have ever done. I'm 28, so this covers more than two decades of f-ing up and can keep me awake for awhile. I put my ipod earbuds under my pillow, turn them up so I can just hear the words and then I
  7. Try BiggerBras.com The Fantasie and Freya Swimsuits come in a range of sizes and are sold as separates. The tops are well constructed like real bras. http://www.biggerbras.com/freya-big-cup-br...-top-9750.shtml This one is SO cute and comes in 30 - 38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G The bra size conspiracy is a problem. There are lots of women, natural and umm "enhanced" who have large cup sizes and small band sizes. However all these women are ignored. VS, a company that shows voluptous models on its c
  8. I'm another person who gave up all dairy and it had no result on my skin. Why do people hate milk so much anyway?
  9. I thought everything on my face should be angular. Pointy lips, pointy eyes, and I tried to give myself cheekbones by drawing on my face with brown eyeliner and then blending it unsuccessfully. Too bad I didn't use that brown eyeliner on my eyes... no I used NAVY eyeliner. Why do they even make navy eyeliner?
  10. Foundation brushes are *nice*. It's like you are painting and your face is the canvas.
  11. I like Tom's of Maine Strawberry and the Apricot toothpaste. I have an aversion to mint:)
  12. I'm always the downer poster - sorry! Finacea didn't do anything for me.
  13. Go for it while you are still under your parents' medical!
  14. I see the lump too. I am not going to say that I know how NHS works or what that lump is, but if she doesn't call you back soon you have to call them again.