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  1. I feel so terrible today. I looked in the mirror for the first time today, this morning, before my morning shower, and just broke down in tears due to the severity my face is in today. I feel like all I want to do is just stay in and hibernate for a few weeks. I feel so crap.
  2. Yeah agreed, thaats what your doing wrong, do it every night and start with a small amount then as the days go by increase the amount I actually have been using it every night, for the past 4 odd months, however I downed the usage on it because of the amount my skin is red and really dry. I'll try going on for another week or two, and if things haven't improved i'll up it again I guess.
  3. I've been doing this for around a month and a half, however i've been on Retin-A for quite some time, around almost a year now.
  4. Hey guys, So, i'm 17 years old and i've been battling acne or quite some time, around about 3 odd years, with no real way of solving my problems. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong with my regime, but something isn't working. Would anyone be able to help? (I only use Retin-A every other night because my face is really really really flakey and dry, so i've pulled the usage down to see if I can help that... so far no good has come from it). MORNING: - Wash face with warm water - Apply
  5. DAY SIX Well, I think this is going to be a very short log for me, haha! My lips have swollen up the size of golf balls, so I think i'm going to stop taking Doxycycline, due to the fact that i'm getting quite a few side effects, I just don't think it's worth it. More than likely i'll just stick to my Retin-A. Deano xx
  6. I'd say so yeah, it's been really bad though for drying out my skin, I wake up in the morning and it looks as if most of my skin is falling off, haha, it's not so bad though once I've used my vitamin E cream (which acts as a form of moisturizer). It's also made my skin even more sensitive than it already was, after shaving or washing my face, my skin becomes really tight and uncomfortable. Retin-A has helped to dry out my acne I think, and to treat them in general, in my opinion.
  7. Well, hi all! I'm deano and I've just signed up to Acne.org, and I've decided to post a log of my acne treatment to see if it's making any difference. A little bit about me, I live in England, I'm 17 years old, almost 18, and I've been battling teenage acne for quite some time. I've got a few scars on my face, with a few active acne. No blackheads, mostly just whiteheads which appear in break outs. I've been on a lot of anti-biotic acne medication, tried Oxytetracycline, but that didn't