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  1. Hi there. Am an adult who has battled acne for 2 decades and is now under control, thank goodness, but it comes with lots of problems - different types of scars! One of my major problem is the bumps on my nose...my nose is like the moon with bumps and with big pores...I really hate it, and would do anything to smoothen it. Is there any procedure a doctor can do to dramatically help change the look of the skin on my nose? Thanks, Jigzy
  2. Hi there, I live now in the US but not yet a citizen, just a permanent resident. I still visit my home country. I have a low dosage of accutane that I will be bringing back to the US when I visit my home country, but that will be in 6 months, so I am wondering if I could have it shipped here instead. I am aware it is a prescription medicine, but wondering if low dosage (10 mg), it will be allowed to pass through customs? Thanks.