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  1. hopefulx3

    H20 Challlenge!

    Water is great for many things health wise , and especially skin. Since its winter now I really don't realize when my body needs water as much as I do in the summer. So I drink way less. But I've decided to drink 4 bottles of 23.7 fl oz of water each day. I'm drinking it out of the bottle cause its harder to keep count with cups. Hopefully this will give me a healthyer complexion.
  2. hopefulx3

    Tri Septic

    It is my fourthday on the pill no major breakout s I never had acne on my body but I feel like the pill has improved some on the little bumps I had on my shoulders which is weird but I never really had a prblem with acne on my body so it might just be in my head . The new pimples I've been getting on my face its weird cause they look like they would be painful pimples but theydont even hurt I only realize I have them when I look at mirror and since they don't hurt I'm less tempted to touch them!
  3. hopefulx3

    Tri Septic

    It is my second day on the pill, i had a couple new breakouts, come up over night, But i feel like this might just be a initial breakout, and my hormones might still need time to adjust to the birth control. I am going to stick with the pill although i had a bad reaction on the first day. I will keep updating this post as i use the pill so it can be helpful to anyone that wants to go on tri-septic.
  4. hopefulx3

    Tri Septic

    This is my very first post my doctor prescribed me orthotrycline for the cystic acne i have around my chin, my acne had been getting better but lately it looks like its getting bad again. So the pharmacy gave me the generic version which is tri septic today was the very first day i took the medication. Honestly i was worried after i read certain reviews regarding tri septic online. But since my dermatologist said it would work i am going to give it a try and see how i will react to the medicatio
  5. hopefulx3

    Dries up pimples real quick Kills bacteria Good for you Smelllss baddd Can burn if you put too much esp around eyes I usto use tea tree oil for mosquito bites to stop the itch and redness. So it only makes sense that it would do the same for my pimples. Its cheap and a very naturale spot treatment ,if your someone that uses toothpaste as a spot treatment u really need to update. It does dry out your pimples and it kills bacteria but pouring it all over your face will not do you an
  6. hopefulx3

    inexpensive good spot treatment good exfoliator gets in your eyes and burns reall bad so keep away from eyes drys skin Baking soda is a good spot treatment mask and exfoliator. i prepare it three different ways for the different uses. Baking soda spot treatment -wash face -mix small amount of baking soda with lemon juice (you will see bubbles) -place the mixture on spots wit pimples you need to dry (it will feel tingly) Baking soda mask -wash fa
  7. hopefulx3

    30 Day Challenge- No Pimple Picking

    np! I totally understand how you feel! But it something everyone goes through and it can sadly make you feel less confident about yourself ! But by taking the right steps you can end it! just be patient, DONT GIVE UP, and be consistent with the product that works for you!
  8. hopefulx3

    30 Day Challenge- No Pimple Picking

    I useto pick at my pimples with sharp objects or my fingers,, sometimes i would end up picking at it unintentionally during the day but and then when i went in front of the mirror and picked at one thing i cant stop but continue with the rest,, and when i was done i would feel a terrible guilt.. i did this when my skin was fairly clear but all of the picking lead up to horrible severe acne spread allover the areas i would mostly pick at and now i do not touch my pimples whatsoever not even a sl
  9. hopefulx3

    Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

    No problem it is product that truly works for me hopefully it will do the same for you!
  10. hopefulx3

    none for me but others claim it works extremely dry skin red marks flakyness your face will hurt nothing happens well i bought proactive because my class mates claimed that it would work wonders in three weeks,, i am very patient but not when my face is in pain,,, this regimen was so harsh ,,in five uses my skin was completely flaky and irritated i also felt like i could not smile with out being in pain..i do want to get rid of my acne but i felt that i would rather do it t
  11. hopefulx3

    makes spots lighter shrinks bumps makes skin smoother fast results free VERY NATURAL if you are squeemish about urine you might be hesitant to try it Well my mom would always tell me about urine therapy and how urine works wonders for alot of skin conditions but i was grossed out by the idea of putting my own urine on my face,, i came across a reviews and worked up the courage to try it ,, and i was AMAZED i saw results in my first application ,, some people have asked m
  12. hopefulx3

    Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

    i use cerave cleanser, my doctor had given me a small sample before and unlike other cleansers it did not make my skin feel tight nor did it burn. It is probably the best cleanser to use when on harsh treatments, and its perfect for people with sensitive skin. This is cause it restores the skins moisture unlike other cleansers that just strip the skin of all moisture, I have pretty sensitive skin and i feel this cleanser is perfect, and it comes in a big bottle for a reasonable price.