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  1. i think it's ridiculous to say that you have a preference for girls with acne because it's beautiful. but whatever gets you off. with that said, i wouldn't judge a girl or turn her down because she had acne, but she does have to be a beautiful person with or without acne to play on my team.
  2. I always had jobs. I think they're harder to get when you have acne. But, as with all things in life, there are plenty of people out there (employers too) who will look past your acne. Put in the effort and you will be able to get a job. It is very possible.
  3. I always look in the mirror and search for tiny bumps (my skin color) That indicates that it will form.. sometimes it doesn't.. I can also tell if it will be big or small. I seems to always do that. I gotta stop! ^^;; As of now, I searched and I don't see a lot of those bumps that may form.. I probably saw like 10-11, but they're so tiny and not noticeable. but might get inflamed. Hopefully I get 3-4 out of 10 or w.e Oh, and I do have redness and some zits.. I broke out with big zits, so
  4. i had a similar experience. i tried doing this lemon water only thing for awhile, and my acne got really bad.
  5. you sit down next to your friend and realize you forgot to sit with your "clear" side facing them.
  6. the look on my dog's face when I say "squirrel" the feeling of accomplishment after trying something new and succeeding at it having the sun be out (a rarity out here in the cave aka seattle) hanging out with good friends. jumping out of airplanes with good friends! girls! seeing other people be happy! smiles are contagious dave chappelle
  7. one of my friends is about your size, and he's one of the biggest pimps i know. he looks and talks like snoop dogg and overall has a commanding presence- that's why girls flock to him, not because of his size. You should take this experience as a wake up call, and use it as leverage to work on yourself. Attitude and confidence go a long way. I'd encourage you to hit the gym and get bigger too. That would make you physically more attractive and would increase your confidence. Try to work
  8. No so great... ...But, it's all my fault. Last weekend was my b day weekend, so I ate everything I wanted, drank beer, and had a ridiculous amount of sex. Now, I'm paying the price for my actions. A cyst right next to my eyebrow, and numerous smaller zits. Oh well. A wise man once said, "this too shall pass."
  9. feeling pretty good. filtering all my water (and drinking plenty of it), along with cutting out alcohol has done wonders for my skin.
  10. Oh my gosh you are adorable. I'm kind of the same, except I'm not of age to go to most clubs and bars. When the time comes, I'm afraid to be equally lost. I wonder if there is some reference literature I can use to prepare myself...but then I realize this would be too ironic for the purpose of going (experiencing over just reading/talking about it). Good luck. I'd go with you if I was in the UK lol thanks. I'm guessing you're younger? You might not be as equally lost. When I was younger I didn
  11. I've noticed a definite correlation between whey protein and cystic acne in my own skin. That said, I had a great bulking experience with Universal Labs Gain Fast 3100, in conjunction with a body building weight program. Maybe use this or something similar for a month or two and deal with the acne it causes, until you put on enough mass, then cut it. If you decide to go this route, you might as well go all out and get creatine, a nitrous oxide inhibitor, and pro hormones. The best non a
  12. ^ive noticed whey protein causes serious acne problems in my skin I just wanted to give a quick update. I followed this diet for a month or two before adding in some more variety. My skin seems pretty healthy now, so here's a breakdown of the things I eat: I eat these on a daily basis -Lots of fruit (apples, oranges, bananas) -Lots of Veggies (broccoli, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, a variety of lettuce, onions, spinach) -Lots of Chicken -About one serving of oatmeal I eat the
  13. ^ you're cute ;] most everyone has intimacy issues at some level. some people avoid relationships all together. some people have purely physical relationships. some people settle for less than they deserve. some people are chronic daters. all pretty normal stuff. sounds like you've got it pretty much handled. you'll meet the right guy who will sweep you off your feet sooner or later.
  14. i just use the regimen, so it doesn't really stick out; but, I used to be embarrassed about leaving my "acne.org" products out in my shared bathroom. Now, i don't give a fuck. It is what it is. I've got nothing to hide.