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  1. Thank you so much, I have never thought about saline injects! My brother is a Dentist, he could do it easily!!! Do you also think dermaroller could induce collagen in those small areas? I'll consult with one of the best Cosmetical Dermatologist here in Brazil, then I'll report with his opinion, he'll probably try to sell some expensive laser.
  2. Hello everyone, here is my story: I’m 30 years old male living in Brazil. I’ve being dealing with acne scars since 1999. Since I only heard bad things from everyone who tried to treat those things (most of them spent thousands without seeing any real improvement) I never really put so much thought into treating my scars. Well, then I met I girl last year who treated her scars with fillers, essentially pmma, for the first time ever I saw someone who actually had an impressive improvement!