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  1. Hey~ Yea! I have a lot of damage from the laser and it's been hard. Mike, if you have laser damage I would join the ipl and laser damage support forum. Been getting alot of good information there. And I found out about this product called Psoria Gold and getting some help with taht. I have only been doing it for 1.5 months, but it's been quite good but they say you must use it for atleast 3 months to see any results at all. I did Blu-U with LEvulan, but I think the doctor that did me, he was
  2. Also, What kind of cleanser are you using? I am currently on Cerave. Are you using any sun screen? I am using Cerave Sunscreen also.
  3. Olypumons, Thanks I can do it when I get home. I'll send you some pictures. Yea mine happened 2 years ago. I think the doctor was suppose to allow the chemical to only penetrate through the epidermus, and he let the chemical on too long, and then he peeled my skin with a vibraderm before doing the laser to get more drastic results, so I think he targeted my dermis or below that causing sever burn inside my skin which is where it's not recoverable. So my skin doesn't heal itself very well, my col
  4. Olympusmons, I have major sun sensitivity so I have to avoid the sun, as your skin recovered did that go away for you? I can't even sit in front of a furnice or relativly in a close distance because it causes a lot of wrinkles and irritation
  5. Olympusmons, Thank you for that kind words. YES, I agree they are nothing but controlled second degree burn and I went to a medical spa ( Thinking he was a dermatologist) and had laser treatments 6 times. I had 3 Blu-U with LEvulan and 3 Fraxels done. I did fine with Fraxel, but didn’t really achieve any results and Blu-U with Levulan was what burned my skin. Definitely never doing another laser in my life. Yes, I have been using Aquaphor on my face and it’s very difficult because it’s u
  6. Hello guys, Wanted to share this site, hoping some of you will not make the stupid mistake that I did and ruin your face and skin. My life is so altered since then, I would do anything to get my skin and my life back. Please stay away from lasers. I really do not believe that lasers are made by ethical people. Nor should it be performed by non dermatologists, but FDA allows them to. I have major scaring, and burn scars are very sensitive to sun light~ Well, I have major sun sensitivity to th
  7. So, my skin was so severly messed up from having lasers done from a medical spa from Monrgomery Al, formerly dermacare now new image. I found out today you don't have to be a dermatologist to open a medical spa. You can be a family doctor or just a nurse to open one. This was why my doctor didn't know my skin was getting messed up and he administered 3 treatments of Blu-U and this was why my face is so jacked up. I am so pissed off!!!
  8. Question, To give you a little back ground. I had acne since teenager and just cleared up recently with retin-a, anti-biotics, and BCP. I had laser (Blu-U with Levulan) done by my old dermatologist ( He owned a medical spa, and honestly I think he was not a derm, but an ER Doctor is this legal?????) that blasted my face with it so bad it depreciated collagen around the eyes ( Fine lines all around never had before) and I have major hyperpigmentation, and my skin has been extremely sensit
  9. I have had weekly facials for almost 10 years and results have always been temporary. Spent atleast 500~1000 dollars a month. I have tried fraxel, blu-u, isolaz, microdermabration, vibraderm, gobayashi, ........... glycolic acid peels.. You name it I have tried it. I honestly looking it on the long run think it's a waste of money. Unless you are purging really bad from Retin-A I would just be patient with Retin-A. Also, if you are still oily from Retin-A, I would ask your derm to give you re
  10. Oh wow~ I am so sorry to hear about this. I can relate so much.. I also have tried everything under the sun. Every laser out there I know about and tried them. I have sever damage from my last Blu-U levulan treatment and honestly if you are over 18? I don't think you should do them. I mean, your skin doesn't heal as well and I have terrible wrinkle issues now from it. Today, the weather is nice and I live right outside the park, but I am home covered in sunscreen because my skin got so damage
  11. Hello spotsaway, I totally feel your pain and I being Asian have tried every herbs, natural detox... Everything under the sun. Anyway, I was on accutane when I was 16,17?? Years old and started breaking out again when I was 20,21years old. Went to a derm and she flat out told me I had to be on accutane again. Nothin else. I didn't want to. So I stopped seeking her and just started doing natural stuff, getting facials and later went to lasers and went to a medical spa (don't think the doc
  12. Okay this might be off topic, but I just wanted to share my experience since I have suffered with acne all my life. Got on accutane when I was 16 and cleared my skin after about a year. Dont know the dosage. It came back when I was abOut 20, 21years old. Anyway... My derm now is fantastic, he told me since you have been on accutane and are breaking out again, 85% chance it's hormones. So he had me see gynecologist. Put me on retin a (awesome for anti-aging) and also dual In tr morning and so
  13. My derm specifically told me not to use glycol products with tretinoin.
  14. Hi, I wanted to spread the word of my experience with Dr. Munoz in Alabama and also Blu-U experience. I feel crippled for life from tr treatment. About 3 years ago I had some acne on the chin area and bumpiness on the chin and also nose from scars, they call them keloids. I also had acne scars because I have suffered acne for a while since 13, and I got clear in high school from accutane and then broke out again in college. Instead of seeking dermatologist help, I kept getting facials. Spe