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  1. day 26: only 3 more pills left until i'm done with month 1! can't wait to be on this for longer to see total results. my derm said it takes some people 3 months, others 1-2, some 2-3 weeks, so i guess i fall into the 2-3 week category? i kind of realized that instead of focusing on other things in life, i've been focusing on my skin because i probably find it easier to obsess about that than anything else. its not great, but its kind of a defense mechanism i guess. i'd really like to stop t
  2. day 25: i'm only a few days away from the 1 month mark! still taking 50mg/day and 200mg/doxy. so the "cut" on my chin is looking much better, each day it seems less noticeable. i am happy to be almost rid of it. i hope in the next few days it'll be almost nothing. again, its just a huge reminder to not POP, SQUEEZE OR PICK anything until its ready to be. so stupid of me. i should have learned my lesson by now. no other huge issues except i have some clogged pores near my hairline...t
  3. day 23: well, things are ok. i am glad its friday...this week has really really sucked. i said i wouldnt be so hard on myself and cut myself a break considering all that i've been through, i guess blemishes arent all that bad. i feel like once i can get my life back together and the crazy emotions die down, my skin will "check itself" again and get back to the way i used to be. i have to remind myself that i'm seeing a good dermatologist, i'm on a good treatment plan that so far, has had very m
  4. its really encouraging reading this. im glad you have been clear even after getting off spiro...i really wish i could get off all these oral meds hopefully by this time next year i'll be just like you. although i am not on retin-a, i am on spiro 50mg and have been for about 22 days. ive seen results, but seem to still have experienced a small but very irritating breakout on my chin 3 weeks in. i have been struggling with breakouts around my mouth/chin area and clogged pores on my forehead and
  5. day 22: not feeling as craptastic as i did yesterday but not feeling great. i think this week has just really been tough emotionally for me and its dredging up a whole bunch of sadness and grief again...which, surprise surprise, breaks me out. i've been trying to get more sleep and not push myself, which i think helps. missing my dad and my old life a lot just screws me up completely. put neosporin on the "cut" after i showered last night and it felt better...but today its kind of tight and
  6. that's great to hear that you are no longer getting the cystic ones!!! spiro is def working for you then. yay. i'm actually pretty happy with the progress ive made on spiro the past weeks--i just got really discouraged after i realized i wasnt immune to breakouts...sigh. but if what you're saying is that it gets better each month, then i'll keep the faith. i'm still not 100% positive my acne is tied to my hormones, but it cant hurt to stay on this for another 3 months if im not having huge side
  7. day 21: still feeling like crap. skin is still recovering from my breakout 2 days ago. things are healing up/drying out, which means there isnt any stuff left in the 2 active zits i had, bc they dont hurt anymore, but now they just look like red scabs and are hard to cover up with makeup--i hate this because i think the makeup just makes it look worse sometimes and it looks like i have small wounds. it feels raw and kind of irritated. i picked off some dry skin from the sucker on my chin
  8. hi there--you're skin looks quite good!!! i understand about the anxiety about having your skin breakout again, but honestly, if your current regimen works and you DONT need to take accutane, then stay away from it since its costly for some, time consuming and has some nasty side effects (super dry skin/hair, really chapped lips, slow healing time for cuts/bruises, headaches) if you're skin breaks out badly again, then make an emergency appt and request it. since you would have tried everything
  9. thanks for the post poppinpoprocks!! i was beginning to think no one even read this and i was just posting for my own sanity haah (which is true). i still have a spot on my chin that is dry and flaky and kind of hurts. i put neosporin on it last night which helped to dry it out, so now the skin just needs to heal and the dead stuff flake off. it still kind of hurts a bit, but im leaving it alone and letting it do its healing thing. i'm really hoping its gone by saturday night anyway, have you s
  10. lja08

    My Spiro Log

    20 days is a short time to be clear. I still get little breakouts before those days, but they are much better. Give it at least 3 months, then up your dose if you still get bad breakoutd. It's worth it. And check out this http://www.acne.org/...spironolactone/. VERY informative thread, u'll find so much interesting things about spiro. And 50mg is a pretty low dose actually. Some women see the full results only on 100 or higher. 20 days felt great to me...its not what i'm used to in the past, b
  11. so its been awhile since i posted on this thread, but things were going really well on spiro for the past 3 weeks...until yesterday. i broke out on my chin, near my lips and nose, and have like 3 weird bumps on my forehead. YUCK!!!! on saturday and sunday everything was CLEAR and SMOOTH, now my chin hurts from the zit that i popped because i turned it into a scab. i just cant leave those suckers that hurt alone...stupid me. i am just so frustrated. i have great skin for 3 weeks, then BAM a w
  12. i looked back on my calendar and it seems like a week before my period is when i broke out last month in october...around the same time im breaking out now in november. it's interesting since i never thought it keep track of it before. i thought spiro was supposed to stop this hormal crap though...maybe i need to give it some time to suppress the hormones? i'm going to finish out the month on 50mg...i have a derm appointment in a little under a month, so i'm holding out until then. the 50mg was
  13. lja08

    My Spiro Log

    ive been on spiro 50mg/day for about 20 days, and i'm a week away from my period and it seems ive had a small breakout. i was pretty much completely clear for the past 20 days and now i have a few actives on my face...which sucks. did you experience the same thing as me? i'm wondering if its because my period is coming or if i need a higher dosage of spiro? when did you stop breaking out before your period? frustrating to have clear skin for 3 weeks and then not...ugh.
  14. day 20: so far i feel pretty bad today...prob the worst since i started taking spiro because im having a mild breakout... it could be because yesterday was my dad's birthday and he passed away in february, so i was really sad and upset all day, thus leading to stress hormones surging. i just miss him so much. pretty much all my issues with acne started after he passed away. i think my body changed in some strange way because of all the trauma and grief i experienced. i just wish i could
  15. god i'm so terrible i said i wouldnt touch it but i did. i noticed a small head was forming on the zit on my chin...its literally right in the crease of my chin, so i popped it. i told myself i wouldnt, but i did. it bled a little which i guess is good that all the crap inside of it is gone? idk cuz it kinda hurts a little.i just hate the fact that its going to take a few days to go away. its really not very noticeable, but it feels larger than what it looks like. i'm going to REALLY not touch i