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  1. Do not feel discouraged. So many people say that you should be clear on accutane by a certain time period; however, this is just not true. It is different for every person. I broke out for about 4 months while on it. I am finished with my course now and am completely clear. It's important to stick with it. The side effects, even though they seem bad at times, were definitely worth the end results. Good luck!
  2. Definitely not. I was not 100% clear until the beginning of my last month. Just keep on with it; it's all worth it.
  3. I have taken four months of accutane and my acne has improved incredibly. I am not finished with my course and I have already had a major change in my confidence and self-esteem. I do not drink on the week days; however, i tend to binge drink on the weekends. I go from straight alcohol to beer, really anything. I have come home on nights wasted and taken the pill 20 minutes after finishing my drinking. My liver tests have improved since the beginning of my course due to good diet. It depends o
  4. Started accutane (Claravis) 3 months ago and have two months more to go. I am on 80 mg a day. At first, i got a horrible initial breakout that lasted for about a month and a half. The breakout that I got starting accutane was the worst my acne has ever been. For the past month and a half my skin has broken out a much slower rate and it is not as bad as the first month; however, i feel like there has been no continual improvement. I am also taking Bactrim. Sides are not that bad (Aquaphor, moistu