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  1. SO i've been using Paula's Choice 8% AHA and i realize that it causes a darkening around the skin around my lips. they become reddish-dark even after overnight. My upper lips sting when I apply AHA. Is this irritation and should i stop applying AHA around my lips? but they are the part of my face which is the driest. should i stop applying BP around my lips too? Any help will be appreciated!
  2. I had a lot of pimples on my lower cheeks, near my mouth, which now resulted in PIHs. its been a few weeks, and they have faded a bit, but now they're clusters of little brown dots which makes my skin look super blotchy. I have been using 8% AHA, and was just wondering how long do i have to use it for to see my red marks/dark marks fade? any response is appreciated. thanks!
  3. i have been on the regimen for 6 weeks, and its working good. i have one major concern which is the my skin tone. in the beginning, my skin was clearing up fine, but now, its super flaky and i have ashy skin tone due to build up of dead skin. i have been using AHA every night for 5 days now, and i havent seen any major improvement. how long does it take for AHA to take effect? Another concern is my flakiness. I have moisturized and it is still super flaky, even if i use AHA at night, ill sti
  4. So, i've been on the regimen for three weeks. today im starting my 4th week. my skin is clearing up pretty good though i still have an odd pimple or two, but my main concern is the PIH/acne marks i have left. they're like brown/red in color. i also have some dead skin on my jawline (greyish) which wont come off with exfoliation (maybe also because i dont rub hard enough since i dont want irritation) anyways, can i start using AHA now or is it too soon? can i apply a bit every other night just on
  5. so i'm starting my week 2 on the regimen. week 1 was really good. it just cleared all my pimples and left me with marks only.. but now, im starting to get tiny signs of a break out again. like very small red underground pimples. is this normal? i dont know if its because i'm getting my period soon or sth, but im freaking out and dont wann deal with another breakout again... thanks ahead for any responeses!
  6. so i've been using BP for about a week now and it's working great. the dryness is not too bad, although it stings at time. one thing i discovered is that it peels away the dead skin (which is good) but now i have some area of white patches where new skin underneath has emerged, while some parts of my face are still darker.. does BP even it out after a few weeks after use through peeling all the old surface skin?
  7. im interested in the mask you use. i saw the ingredients and saw it has vitamin e oil and sweet orang oil. are they non comedogenic?
  8. i kinda do wanna go to one, since my face is being bombarded with one pimple after the other, and i have post acne hyperpigmentation and marks that i would loooove to get rid of. but it's gonna be expensive and i wanna know if theres hope to self treat before going to a derm. thanks
  9. I find if your skin is dry you really shouldt use a toner nor a scrub. Just use a gentle wash and the bp. Mositurise if you need it. Im not saying this is THE answer but it worked for me. Hope you find something which works what kind of bp are you using now? im confused since i have the clinique's BP (from the 3 step acne), the AcneFree BP Moisturizer, and Neutrogena SkinID BP, and theyre all 2.5%. does it make any difference which one i use? i dont feel like going out to buy another tub of BP
  10. hey guys! thank you so much for your replies its confusing because i feel right now i have the healthiest diet ive ever had (lots of water, juice, salad, fruits, hardly any fried food) but my acne is at where its worst.. and i REALLy need moisturizer since the whole acne free line is drying out my face. ill stop the mint julep for a couple of days and see how it goes..im def gonna lay low on the dairy products now, thanks for that tip im thinking of changing my regimen from using the w
  11. so ive been using acnefree for about 2 weeks now. its cleared my past breakouts, so all i have to deal with was my red marks. i was happy, up until today! two pimples popped up on my cheeks, and later during the day two HUGE under the skin bump, one on the side of my nose, and one on my upper lip, on the left side. why am i still breaking out tho im on BP medicated wash? i dont touch my face often or wear make up... how long does it take to see if the cleanser is for me or not? My regimen:
  12. thanks for the reply! i will look in the duac gel! @Timehealsall - at first i thought that my skin needed to adjust to the dry californian weather, and i used my NuSkin Cleanser (which i have been using for more than 3 years and kept me clear). I've bought some natural treatment options (giovanni, dermae) but i think they were all too weak to work as i didnt see any improvement in the next few months, so i decided to try something harsher (the BP wash). this is the only time i changed cleans
  13. so basically, i just moved to the States from a tropical country. it's been four months and my skin is horrible. I've never had this problem before I moved to the states (just occasional acne during "that time of the month") my acne is the worst it has ever been and i cant bear to look at the mirror. i just switched to using BP medicated face wash, its been a week and it hasnt improved yet. Anybody have any suggestions on what treatments are most effective in dealing with these type of acne?