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  1. Does ANYONE know where you can get a cortisone shot in Winnipeg? l have a huge cyst thats red, and painful on my left cheek. Right under my eye lt's not even fully developped, l have to work all weekend, and there's no covering this. Pleaaaase let me know any info. Thanks (:
  2. What l do when l absolutly HAVE to pop it: lt helps - hot shower, or steam my face/apply a hot cloth on the pimple - wash hand - when you pop it don't squeeze, push ( if that makes sense ) squeezing pushes bacteria further in, if you push on both sides you're pushing it all out. - lf it doesn't pop, leave it alone cause it'll scar
  3. When you go to a friends for a sleepover, or to a party and even when you wanna go crash you have to go spend forever in the bathroom washing and applying all this different stuff to your face.. so annoying
  4. Hi everyone, i'm a 16 year old girl. l've been fighting this battle for going on 5 years. The reason i'm starting this blog is because i've spent hours and hours reading people's stories, and watching Youtube videos. l hope my story will help someone else. SOME HISTORY: My mom never had a problem with her skin. My dad on the other hand had severe cystic acne on his nose, jaw line, arms, chest, and back. ( He still gets huge cysts sometimes from stress.. ) WHEN IT STARTED: l started gett