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  1. I have something similar. I know what you mean about "clogged pores" on the breast, and I occasionally get one or two nasty pimples on them at a given time... it's really, REALLY embarrassing. I wish I knew how to fix it...
  2. Hey everyone! I apologize if this has been asked a million times before, or if it's an answer that I can easily find, but I'm kinda curious. I don't have extremely bad acne... well, I won't even say I have BAD acne. It seems to be more on the mild side, definitely. I currently use the oil cleansing method, and perhaps I'm not doing it right lately, but it hasn't been working for me for the past week (started it a month ago). I have large pores and I am tired of the random huge breakouts I get ev
  3. I've been attempting the baking soda + ACV method for about a month now, and while it worked wonders at first, lately my hair has been feeling weighed down and somewhat greasy (and takes FOREVER to air-dry; it used to take less than 30 minutes). Not even a blow-dryer could dry that crap. I guess I'm going back to shampoo, but I'm gonna find something sulfate-free and preferably cone-free. Anyone have any recommendations for someone who usually has very porous, oily hair?
  4. Whenever I'm stressed out (which is almost always), I definitely take it out on my skin. I believe it's the only noticeable (physical) reaction I have while under a lot of stress (anxiety being another issue). I feel pretty ashamed.
  5. The leftmost picture is fairly similar to how my acne is right now (used to be much worse). I think it's fine! Personally, I dislike foundation A LOT, though I would put some on under certain circumstances (I don't wear any make-up at all). Your acne, however, would definitely NOT give me the urge to use any. As for treatments... I need to find some myself, so apologies for not being able to help in that department!
  6. Isn't it just the worst? I've been trying to be more conscious of what I'm doing when I begin to pick at my face, and my girlfriend is constantly telling me to stop (and I do, in that moment), but it still happens quite often. As soon as I start squeezing and picking, the thought of "this is going to ruin your skin" flies out of my head and I become consumed with trying to pop every pimple. I am also guilty of removing scabs, unfortunately...
  7. I am guilty of this as well. I can't help it! Every time I happen to walk by a mirror and notice my pores, I just end up squeezing them for a few minutes until I'm satisfied. Not more than a minute later, though, I'm upset at having no self-control and making my skin look even worse.