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  1. i believe it is the reduce the inflammation of pimples as to absorb deeper to the source of the bacteria. The doctor says that inflammation is a defensive mechanism of the body which backfires against acne and makes the problem worse.
  2. If you made a larger economy size 2.5%, I'd use more of it. The small tubes are expensive for college boys like me and I end up not using as much as I would like.
  3. yes i was inquiring on more specific information
  4. after i wash how long should i wait before applying bp? if i wait more than 10 mins my skin starts to get pretty dry what about after i apply the bp? how long till i mositurize? how critical are the waiting periods?
  5. i dont have time to explain everything in detail, if u want info read the book "the promise of sleep." it contains the latest studies and research by a top Stanford sleep expert its well written and interesting, i recommend it to everyone
  6. too much sleep doesnt make u more tired, it has to do with your biological cycle that keeps you awake or tired during the day sleep as much as you can to reduce your sleep debt
  7. u cant sleep too long, so people need more or less so go to bed when youre tired and try to get up at a consistant time
  8. ive been using eucerin AHA twice a day for a long time, if i dont my skin gets really flaky, right now i have a couple pimples on my forehead and one around my mouth
  9. i agree 100%, the more i think about my pimples or worry the more i touch my face, pick, and spread the acne. the key is to accept your acne and just relax and live your life while doing the regimen as well as possible
  10. i use a norelco quadra action it works great and i have no pimples in the areas i shave
  11. where do u get your info from? this is a lot of bs