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  1. I have been using a Beautyskin brand lamp for about a week now. Of course it's early and hard to say what the long term effects are, but I've not gotten any new surface activity effectively since I began. I wish I had heard of this years ago and avoided getting any of the major scaring I have on my cheeks... as soon as I read that study a few weeks ago I put in an order for one. With so many people reporting good results it was a no-brainer, given the total lack of side-effects (unlike Accutane,
  2. You can find it at Wallgreens, most large Supermarkets or Whole Foods Market. Or you can order it online. http://smartbomb.com/supplements-vitamins-...enic-acid-.html
  3. I exfoilate with a metal polisher and then finish off with a highspeed belt sander, it's worked great for me. If I just need to exfoliate really quickly I'll give my face a quick once over with some sandpaper. If it gets really bad I really clear out all the gunk with a dremel on highspeed with the woodcarving attatchment installed.
  4. I've never used Neutrogena, but I do use Dove Deep moisterizer which also has an SPF of 15. I've been using it for almost a month now and it's only made my skin look better. I'm guessing the formulation of the Neutrogena moisterizer is pretty similiar so I'd bet it won't cause breakouts. The thing I really like about the Dove brand is that it's odor-free.
  5. hvatum

    Oily Skin

    Well all we have is our own experience, take it or leave it.
  6. That used to be a problem for me too, I still very occasionally do when I'm under stress. Now when a large whitehead develops I sterlize a small pin and then use it to carefully just barely pop it, then clear it off with Neosporin and a slightly damp sterile cloth. I haven't had a pimple become active again for a very long time since I've followed this protocoll.
  7. Agreed. I completely cut soda out of my diet, I haven't had a Coke or Pepsi since before Christmas 2005. I also feel bad when I don't get enough water
  8. You might try getting a perscription for a topical antibiotic such as Clindagel. I personally use Tazorac and Clindagel before going to sleep and they have worked more effectively for me then any other combination. You might be differen't, it's hard to tell exactly how effective the Tazorac is because you've been taking it for so long. It could be that your acne susceptibilaty actually increased and you would be much worse off without the Tazorac at this point, it would impossible to know withou
  9. If you're going professional Baseball is the better bet, they get paid more and women like money. But at the highschool level I would certainlly say that Lacrosse gets the nod.
  10. Yeah, just take Creatine before working out because it gives you better endurance allowing for a more effective workout, don't take it after working out. It stays in the bloodstream for just a few hours so taking it on an off day or after working out is essentially a waste. It will just cause your body to retain water more easily but won't increase the number of reps you're capable of. In that sense Creatine is more of an energy supplement not a muscle growth supplement.
  11. Become 20 years old and your problem is solved.
  12. Agreed, I had acne for years before I did anything about it. I didn't wash my face with cleansers. I didn't use Tazorac, I didn't ever moisterize it, I just washed it lightly with water when it got oily. The result? The worst acne I've had throughout my entire life which still has left some scaring. Since I've began actively treating it I have used a few products which caused irritation and more acne but for the most part they've helped. I really don't see any point in personally trying to g
  13. Ok, the Dove Deep moisterizer is working wonderfully. It hasn't caused any breakouts or any trouble at all, my skin has also lost the redish tinge (it was irritated!) and no longer gets flakes at all. Now I'm researching exfoliants. I'd prefer something which is applied like a mask and then rubbed off as those seem to be more effective. I'm open to anything though. Just something to get rid of all the gunk and the like which can cause acne. Of course I don't want anything too strong or that mi
  14. Yes, I absolutely loath the summer. First of all my favorite sports are all winter sports, Alpine Skiiing, Nordic Skiing, Paraskiing. I love skiing. I also like neat winter coats and like wearing more cloathing. I like it when women wear more cloathing as long as it's stylish - there's nothing that I find more romantic & attractive then an interesting long winter coat & a playful sense of style. Snuggling in front of a fire, the crisp light air, winter is my season. Of course, I agree
  15. Seconded, be careful not to be too aggressive, the damage you can do if you go about scar treatment the wrong way can be worse then the original problem. I've lurked these forums for awhile and at least a few people here have had that experience.