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  1. I know. I think most of us people in this forum know this feeling of loneliness- and need to hide once in a while or even more... Acne is many times equivalent to shyness and loneliness. And I need to remember this is why I am now a part of the accutane club... ;-) It won't last forever and I am struggling to put the acne loneliness and embarrassment to an end... Thank you for your support :)
  2. "Walking through the city streets. Is it by mistake or design. I feel so alone on a friday night..." Day 95 Close to 100. Too tired to go anywhere tonight. I'm hanging out in my place watching tv by myself. A bit lonely, but I can't deal with having people around me today. Skin is improving. Dry spots, peeling - yes, I still am. But it does seem better. I've broken out a bit, but I have a feeling that's a cue my period's on its way. It's ok. I feel like things will clear up. I have
  3. Thank you, Quiescence Your support helps. I guess you're right. I've got the Accu-blues. Hmm. I hope I'll regain my old me soon. At least today it didn't last all day. Somedays it does. It definitely feels the worst when I'm alone at night. I don't know why I keep thinking I'm sad because of my ex. In some way I think it's just some excuse I use when trying to understand why I'm so down. I have lots of friends, a good job, quite a bunch of interested guys hanging around me, but... Hmm.
  4. Day 93 Face is slightly better. Still peeling, still lots of red marks and still a few pimples here and there, but nothing too serious. The peeling is - as it's been all the way so far - the worst part. It itches, bleeds, look baaaad. Also I am feeling so depressed I have no idea why. I feel struck by this feeling of endless loneliness and like nothing matters at all. I'm just lonely. Unhappy. Thinking of that ridiculous ex-boyfriend from before Mr. Accutane and I don't even know why I mi
  5. It'll all take time and the road is long - but in the end you'll see results Until then - I totally agree with SkyLynn: Get yourself some good foundation! It's not embarrassin to buy or to wear it as a guy. I mean - why shouldn't you if it makes you feel better? You do seem like you have good humours - and I will definitely keep following you! Best wishes
  6. Thank you again I know... It just feels tough right now. Like...not wanting to face people because it's all worse than to begin with for the third month in a row... Hopefully there is a clear - and scarless - future awaiting...
  7. I wear make up. As little as possible, but what I feel the need to in order to not stress over going out. I have to do it as it would make me way too uncomfortable not wearing it in public. However - that might just be what makes me keep breaking out... O well. I don't know. I do look better wearing it, but that way I also maintain the ugly looks without it...
  8. Thanks I still have two cysts though... And...it's not just scaly, it's wounds :/ The healing is waaay too slow... I hope everything will look brighter in some time. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm one of those who never clear up completely.
  9. Day 87 No improvement what so ever. Only worsening of wounds. So red, sore and painful. Completely impossible to cover up with make up. It all sucks. I've bought this La Roche-Posay Effaclar H as suggested by my derm. I hope it might help the healing. FML
  10. Hey. I'm looking forward to following your log... You know - same thing happened to me right around my start with accutane. My (x)bf dumped me a few weeks before I started and it ended for good about one week after having started on the pills. He's been treating me really shitty, like a stranger actually as well, ever since - and the pills haven't made it less depressing. I named Mr. Accutane my new lover/fling and started my log - you can find it on here and see what I went though to begin wit
  11. Ahh I see haha, people use the terms in different ways....or maybe i'm just simple... I do feel a little relieved though as i am still plagued with a myriad of actives... How were you doing at day 51? x x same as today nothing changed except my red marks are actually fading but the activities havent really cooled down,,, and you know what i have my first thought of suicide last night boy how im thankful i remembered i am on accutane,, i was just so depressed when in the tv they showed the luck
  12. Still breaking out a bit, but not as much as to begin with. I'm experiencing bad red marks and wounds from old cysts (and the few new ones), which don't really heal... However my forehead is clear Also I am extremely tired all the time, I tend to get nausea and head aches...oh and joint pains and some blurry vision now and then. I'm on day 84 now.
  13. Ha ha ha ha - you are funny, Betsy! I get ya. Uhmm, well... Mr. Accutane and I have already been through a lot of testing of different products, but so far we have found that these work for us: In the morning I just was my face with water and then I apply Vichy Normaderm Night. I find that one good for moisturizing for the day. In case I need to reapply make up during the day I use these random cleansing wipes that I found at the local drugstore and they're pretty good. They contain vitamin E
  14. Day 80 Derm date today. So...she said the vomiting probably wasn't caused by the medication, although she couldn't say what it was then. I do find it weird that I got so sick seen as noone in my family got sick after having had the same food and I've thrown up for like maybe...four times in my entire life?? It's not just something I do. And that was bad! Anyways my derm told me two things: Not to overdo the drinks sipping on New Year's eve and more important (I suppose) to immediately