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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions on accelerating the process? I've been getting acne due to stress from school, but it has been recently dying down and am left with the scars. Can anyone help?? I'm currently using Rectin A at night after washing my face with Neutrogena face cleanser. And in the morning I use Alpha Hydrox enhanced lotion 10% glycolic acid. I also just started using the tape peeling method of exfoliation. Here is a picture of the problem area. I didn't wash it or anything before I
  2. Should I use them both at the same time, rectin a at night Glycloric acid in the day?
  3. So I bought a bottle of Alpha Hydrox Lotion 10% glycolic acid yesterday and got a new refill of Rectin A .025% I was wondering if I can use it both at the same time, if not do i alternate between the two>
  4. I have read your recommendations list. I wanted to try the Alpha Hydrox brand but walgreens don't have it in stores, or thats what it says on its website.
  5. My scars are usually from picking the small ones, but the big ones are from acne.
  6. What are some over the counter products that I can buy from target, cvs, walmart, etc that contains glycloric acid.
  7. I was wondering if I could use Alpha Hydrox AHA 10% in the morning and then Rectin a at night,
  8. I'm pretty sure that if they don't have a "head" then they're cysts that are under the skin. I used to have a couple of them, now I only have one.
  9. Hi, I've suffered from acne since I was in the 7th grade. It began as pimples but evolved into the point where I had bumps all over my forehead. This was around 9th grade. In 10th grade I just had enough of it and had long hair to cover it up while at the same time starting to take Rectin A. By the end of 10th grade I had noticably less acne. Now I'm in the 12th grade and I'm stuck with mild acne and tons of acne scars (5-6) around my forehead. I wouldn't of minded this if I still had long hair,
  10. I had some questions about these two types of alcohol to clear up acne. So my question is, which one should I use? I read that hydrogen Peroxide is really good for acne and so is Isopropyl. Which one should i use? How many times should I apply it a day. I currently have mild acne on the middle of the forehead. I used to have MAJOR acne around my forehead but then I asked my doctor for Rectin A and has been clearing up, but now I'm left with a couple pimples and A LOT of brown spots on the midd