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  1. keep me posted i'm not really excited about taking accutane at all.
  2. starting the 16th too don't use anything I don't know about makeup but a few friends have taken it and they say if you don't put anything just carmex you'll skin will look horrible for less time fall faster and heal faster.
  3. Hi i'm Diego I just turned 17, i've experience acne since what 5 grade, basically i've suffered enough, this is not the worst part in my years of acne, but i'm started to get tired of the creams and shit, i'm taking tetralysal to prevent the initial breakout.. i was supossed to take tane like a year ago but i got scared because of the "stunts growth part" but fuck it, i'm starting this saturday and I will update my misery, or maybe success every day has anyone taken tetralysal pre-accutane and a