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  1. I currently roll 1.5mm about once a month. My question is which is a better size for improving the absorption of lotions/topicals? I have read .25mm and .5mm are common for these uses. Also would like a recommendation good value/good quality roller
  2. Nick I don't believe drinking will be harmful to you especially if its only once a week. I wouldn't recommend rolling the day after you go out drinking, my skin does not look as healthy as it usually does when im hungover. Also, drink plenty of water everyday! .
  3. Hello, I have just started dermarolling. I currently plan on doing a 1.5mm roll about once a month. I have topicals I use for rolling specifically. My question is what a good moisturizer to help improve my complexion. Im not super cheap and don't mind spending 15-20$ on lotions but also dont want to be spending like 50 either. Preferably one which contains vitamin C or any other good stuff for skin. Open to all suggestions. Looking forward to your responses!! Anthony
  4. why won't the 100 percent last? What do you expect to achieve after the results diminish
  5. don't let it get to you. nobody is perfect. anyone one who makes fun of other people are just insecure about themselves. Best advice I can give to you is really try some of the remedies on here. Cetaphil, raw honey masks, the list is endless. I once had severe acne and it will go away. You must be persistent. Switching up your routine and using a cocktail of remedies is the best way to go (obviously if something is irritating you or making it worse, discontinue). Sometimes
  6. Thanks remicade... I bought the cheapt MT dermaroller for 20 dollars 1.0mm to get my face used to it but just didnt like the design of the handle. What is the recommended number of needles one should look for??
  7. It says on the front. Rite AID Vitamin E Skin Oil 4,000 IU/Vitamin E 4.8 FL OZ (142mL) and the back it just goes onto say how it a Vitamin E skin oil..apply some to the face to help mosturize dry skin areas, wrinkles, stretch marks
  8. Hi Im Tony and Im 23. I figured for the most part I have rolling/box scar, but want to be sure as I just started derma rolling. I will post pictures of my scars, just want advice on the best type of picture to take. What time of day? Inside/outside, flash on/off?? Looking at a normal mirror my scarring does not seem to bad, only the hyper-pigmentation is noticeable. However, I have a light right over my mirror in the bathroom that makes the area where I used to have severe acne loo
  9. I bought a bottle of Vitamin E Oil from right aid, will this have the same effect as the capsules??
  10. thanks for clearing that up, I figured it was only good for blemishes.
  11. Wow, after one treatment your skin looks much better. I have like almost the same exact issue as you, hyper pigmentation of the cheeks. I have a bit more depressed scars than you do tho. Can you link me to the product you use for TCA? Also, does anyone know how long I should wait after derma rolling before doing a TCA peel??
  12. Hello, Ive started derma rolling about 4 weeks ago. I feel there is some improvement, but it is too early to tell. I plan on moving to 1.5mm roller soon, Many people seem to differentiate from the frequency of rolling. Several people and a youtube series (Raysdermaroller) showed great results rolling once a week, which is what I plan. I have noticed that people say 540 needles may not be beneficial to the skin, which amount of needles is and can anyone link me to a good value/quality roll