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  1. Does anyone have any good links for a topical regiment while rolling? There are so many threads in this forum and many go nowheres. What number of needles are necessary for 1.5 mm rolling, and what types of rollers are best?
  2. ^ Is Lamarr the username? Is it one of the pinned threads? Please provide a link if you can. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. When you said "302 products exclusively" for topicals, what are you referring to? I have found rollers and LED lights (FYI everyone, the plant ones are much cheaper than people LEDs and they have the exact same bulbs/wattage). Still at a loss as to what to use for after I roll and general care. Also, are you a guy? If so, how long did you wait to shave after the 1.5-2.0mm sessions?
  4. Be smart when looking to buy one of these.. I was reading reviews on amazon for some of the ones "for people" and were typically priced between $200-350. One reviewer said you can get the same exact product "for plants" for about $40. It has the same combination of red/blue, same strength, number of bulbs, everything. It's an identical product. Whether or not it works, there's not much risk to your wallet.
  5. Are there any recorded results of adverse effects from dermarolling? I am planning on controlling as many variables as possible to stimulate the collagen growth afterwards (diet, supplements, sleep, LED lights, little to no drinking). It just seems like my skin heals poorly and I am afraid to do anything at this point.
  6. If you would, please name the procedure you had and briefly describe your regimen and topicals for healing (along with your opinion on effectiveness). Did you use LED lights? Specifically- Do you sleep on your face/stomach at night? How did that affect healing? I already have wrinkles from where my face bunches up from sleeping at night (I'm only 28) and I'm worried about healing from dermarolling because of this.
  7. For the guys that are actively rolling or have in the past.. 1) How did you address shaving afterwards? Did you avoid it to help the healing process? Did you use special shaving cream/aftershave to continue to be able to? I have to go back to work (like most I'm sure) and I'm trying to anticipate this part of the process. 2) Did you experience much redness? Was there anything you found that was subtle as a cover up? I feel like women have it easy because they can use make
  8. Background: First, let me say that I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. I am ready to start the process of improving my life. I'm sure most of you know how depressing life with scars can be, and I can put it on the backburner no longer. I had crazy acne in my adolescence, and I couldn't tell you what kind because I have repressed my memory of most of ages 12-15. Then I took accutane for six months. Wow, did I think that was the miracle cure. It certainly eliminated the prob