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  1. I've tried a couple and so far my favourite is Monave Concealer-Foundation. The coverage is AMAZING (very buildable) and the finish is great. I'm on accutane so my skin is really dry but this doesn't flake very easily unless I forget to moisturise.
  2. Not really, I just asked her what she planned to do with regards to the dosage later on >.< Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm on Differin as well though? I'll make sure to clear some things up (hehehe) next time I see her. Anyway, I might have celebrated too soon.. It's Day 18 and I have 6-7 new spots (plus bumps under the skin) and a lot of them are on places where I don't normally get them, like on my nose and upper lip. Seems like an Accutane breakout I hope it do
  3. Week 2 I'll try to get some pics up soon since I'm not really feeling up for it now lol. Sooo, there's been quite a change to my skin. -My chin is looking great! No pimples, not even a blackhead. My chin is normally HORRIBLY congested with inflammation and spots, etc so for me this is amazing news. -Cheeks are OK, some spots but they're small and they're not that swollen. I haven't had a cyst since I've started taking the accutane! -Forehead and nose clear too but I never really get an
  4. Thanks guys! It's nice to have support - I didn't tell any of my friends I'm on the medication, and nobody else really knows outside of my family >.<
  5. Week 1 So I'm at the end of Day 7, and that completes week 1 So far, nothing too dramatic has happened: -The breakout I had before I was on Accutane has calmed down a LOT. Skin texture is much less bumpy. -SLIGHTLY drier skin, I noticed some light flaking around my cheeks which doesn't happen normally. -Some headaches, but none of them are particularly bad and I don't know if it's related to the accutane because it's exam season and I'm under a lot of stress. -No breakouts, but I can
  6. Thanks guys! As for the Prednisolone, I'm not exactly sure what it is but the doc mentioned that it was to reduce any inflammation. I don't know how long I'll be taking it though.. >.<
  7. Hi everyone! I didn't really plan on making a log, but since I'm already taking pictures of my face (quite diligently, lol) I figured that I might as well share my experience as I go through So a bit of backstory; I'm turning 18 this December, I weigh 45~47kg and I started to get acne around the age of 11 or 12 - basically as soon as I hit puberty. I've attached a picture of my acne a day before taking Accutane. I don't really know how severe my acne is (maybe you guys can tell me?) bu