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  1. Now as a young trainee scientist I was doing a lot of think about hormones and acne, they both link in with each other. Now I also asked 10 of my mates if they thought masturbation played a roll 8/10 said yes, bear in mind all these people I asked have suffered some form of acne from low to high. I also know that bacteria and skin producing excess oil is how acnes caused but you already know that, but the issue I'm having is that online some say masturbation affects acne others say it does not.
  2. Thanks guys I just wanna get rid of it so bad!
  3. Now I have bad acne and I tried to book an appointment today but I have to wait a week to be seen because they told me its not serious and this I think should be considered as very important as it can affect a person psychologically which made me angry that I have to wait a whole week ugh! What do u guys think I know I'm a little impatient but a week oh my!
  4. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on your skin it will help u a lot it may irritate you for a few minutes but after that u don't feel anything it will also help reduce your scars. If u need anymore help email me I've read loads on acne I'm also in college training to be a scientist =D
  5. Lol haha that made me laugh, if you wanna create fire rub to dry sticks together this will create friction and then you'll get fire
  6. Great lemons are very acid and have anti bacterial properties
  7. A little bit of diary helps the body to produce more enzymes in the saliva which aids in help teeth from acid erosion. A little bit of sugar is good for blood pressure and to give you energy. Bear In mind if you eat a lot of fruit then you'll be alright but need to have a little bit of diary in your diet because too much fruit can cause teeth acid erosion its on the internet if you want more info
  8. To be honest this sounds depressing and unhealthy a little bit of dairy is needed in a stable diet aswell as a little bit of sugar also you've been fighting this for over 20 years so I guess you could be in your thirties which means your body may adjusting itself to get rid of your oily skin. Because acne does go away for some as they get older
  9. Why hello there, I wanted to know have any of you tried rubbing fresh lemon juice on your face to reduce acne,scars and oily skin. I tried it and found it to be very cheap and extremely effective I drink lemon juice twice daily aswell as rub it on my face and it seems to be very strong. If you have not tried it, you should its magnificent! =p
  10. I've had my masturbation of the day lol I'll retire one day, but I workout and love chatting with girls 24/7 and flirting oh dear. But I've not masturbated in four hours does that count as fasting =D
  11. What's this Dans regimen? I can't find it on here, also who's Dan? Just wondered
  12. You seem alright to me workout more raise the intensity! And feel great about yourself
  13. With me I workout 4 days a week and after I finished I wash my face with normal soap and water it helps but yeah I love working out so I have to try to look my best but acne is like a curse
  14. Lol I hate to agree with you I really don't wanna but for me masturbation makes my skin 100% oily and its hard to quit I blame girls there to good looking I work out and all I get the fact that girls are too pretty. Yes I need to quit masturbation oh god I'm gonna cry lol and I'll talk to anyone if they need help just mail me =D
  15. Now one thing that was baffling me was how comes masturbation causes oily skin and why is it so addictive?